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Lychee caviar to eat become "molecular cuisine" experience is important
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Molecules known as molecular gastronomy cuisine is full of gimmicks in recent years overseas as a new concept of cooking, the truth is actually among the chemical theory is used in cooking, on the reorganization of the molecular structure of food. For example, it can Let lychee into caviar-like, are said to have caviar taste, the taste of litchi. Located in suburban Barcelona, Spain, El Bulli restaurant near the beach, is the world of molecular gastronomy longing gourmands pilgrimage. And operator of one of the chef Ferran Adria 1962 was born in Spain, is recognized That one of the best cook in the world today, in recent years has been the leader of molecular cuisine. El Bulli restaurant, less than 50 seats, and only open in the April-September, is the world's most difficult reservation in the restaurant, only served about a year more than 8,000 diners, and allegedly to bookings up to 40 guests million. Eat here a Meals to more than 5 hours, 20 to 30 sets of snacks. Ferran Adria to define their own style of cooking dishes of deconstruction, his goal is: to provide an unexpected taste, temperature and structure comparison. This contrast Consumers need to bring a lot of surprises and irony and humor that made him famous. No wonder the food critic, said that El Bulli is not a meal, is experience.
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