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Food of the 8th China International mixes 2007 – beverage exhibition
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Show a name: Food of the 8th China International and beverage exhibition exhibit 2007– time: Exhibit an address: Shanghai Pudong new international reads extensively the center sponsors an unit: Assist run an unit: Contact: Connect a telephone call: 010-65886235 65886236 mobile telephone: 010-65886235 65886236 fax: 010-65886233 postcode: 100020 email: network address: Means of Http:// other connection: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Food of SIAL France international and beverage exhibition are founded 1964, biennially, heretofore already had 40 old histories, the food major that already made the first brand of world now is exhibited meeting. Since SIAL exhibited transplanting China 2000, food of SIAL China China International and beverage exhibition held 7 successfully already. SIAL China is exhibited can hold to its mother to exhibit - food of SIAL Paris international is exhibited internationally, the characteristic of sex of professional, commerce, with the client the service serves as the center that postpones meeting organization job, dimensions expands ceaselessly, already developed now make China International provision the biggest exhibit, be market of development chinese mainland of manufacturer of domestic and international food, Asia market and overseas market not 2 choices, it is the commerce that you not allow to miss and cooperative communication platform.

SIAL China, drive the accelerator of food commerce

China has the food trade grand meeting of internationalization most
Come from global the ginseng of 55 countries and area exhibited business ginseng to exhibit SIAL China 2006.
Be in China, this exhibiting is to attract so numerous country and area ginseng exclusively to postpone the grand meeting of omnibus food trade of business!
Predict 60 countries and ground section group attend SIAL China 2007!

The country that SIAL China 2006 forms a delegation and area have:
Argentine, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Keluodeya, Cyprus, Egypt, Ecuadorian, France, Gelujiya, Germany, Ghana, Greek, Hungarian, India, Iran, Ireland, .
The ginseng of chinese mainland exhibits conglomerate form to have: Province of Beijing, Dalian, Shandong, Henan province, Heibei province, Zhejiang is saved

Computation of all of SIAL China past years is occupied
A particular year exhibits amount of trade measure country and audience of area amount major
2000 323 29 13, 420
2001 300 28 12, 666
2002 440 33 13, 718
2003 (SARS) 350 37 8, 000
2004 500 40 16, 582
2005 732 53 18, 057
2006 988 55 20, 571
2007 (predict) 1, 100 60 22, 000

Distinct commerce effect
The ginseng of 84% exhibits an enterprise to exhibit the effect to express satisfaction to the ginseng of SAIL China 2006;
The ginseng of 50% exhibits business to had affirmed continue to attend SIAL China 2007;
Predict 2007, join the amount that postpone business to will grow 20% , ginseng exhibit an area to achieve 35000 square metre, limits of item on display is enclothed feed
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