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The 3rd 2007 China (Lai overs grown with weeds) international agriculture exposi
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2, pesticide raw material and preparation / industrial chemicals and intermediate body / chemical reagents, auxiliary kind: General and organic raw material, organic gas of intermediate body, industry, simple substance, acerbity kind, alkaline kind, basic and industrial chemicals of inorganic of inorganic salt, other, organic industrial chemicals.

5, gardens flowers exhibits an area

Of all kinds flowers, flowers cultivates household utensils, accuse lukewarm equipment, of all kinds tool and last wait for technical company; Gardens builds the business such as illume of sculpture of the artistic design of scene and establishment and adornment material, gardens, gardens, gardening equipment, recreational facilities; Ornamental plant, emulation plant produces management business; Flowers breeds technology, flowers to pack wait for an enterprise.

6, agricultural machinery and equipment exhibit an area

Store the agriculture such as machinery of motion equipment, cultivation, plant protection machinery, results machinery, project machine is mechanical, instrument of edaphic analysis test, rudimental test instrument, forestry helps advance somebody's career film of machinery of technology, forestry and equipment, canopy helps advance somebody's career, the agricultural establishment such as energy-saving and solar conservatory, soilless culture, section water technology and irrigate equipment.

◆ publicizes promotion

1, in agriculture of net of industry of farming of net of net of Chinese agriculture science and technology, farming rich net, China agriculture, Hui Cong, middle peasant net, China gold of total net of 3 farming nets of online, China, Chinese agriculture machinery, China farming net, " northwest is horticultural " wait for home each three-year institution of higher learning, issue information and special subject report, in order to increase propagandist strength, raise exposition famous degree. Mix before the meeting TV station of TV station of channel of agriculture of sessional centrally TV station, Shandong, Lai overgrown with weeds, " Qi Lu evening paper " , " daily of Lai overgrown with weeds " etc good conduct propaganda is done to report on public media.

2, presswork 200 thousand pieces of visiting invitation, entrance ticket, distribute freely to agriculture orgnaization of manufacturing administrator, agrotechnical personnel, agronomist, expert, scholar, scientific research, government sector reachs supervisory administration, large chain the supermarket purchases wholesaler of personnel, produce, agency, current exposition will join before inviting its exhibit, look around, purchase.

3, before the organizing committee relies on extensive international collaboration relationship to invite abroad and well-known company, will undertake commerce negotiate.

4, pass orgnaization of industry major mass organizations, commerce, organize the domestic and international professional team that buy the home, the communication that drives both sides of purchase and sale cooperates.
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