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The 3rd 2007 China (Lai overs grown with weeds) international agriculture exposi
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2 places: International exhibition center of Lai overgrown with weeds

◆ origanization construction

Sponsor an unit: Shandong of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of livestock of Chinese food earth saves government of people of city of overgrown with weeds of agricultural hall Lai

Assist run an unit: Office of industrialization of agriculture of Ministry of Agriculture of association of Chinese agrotechnical promotion

Undertake unit: Fertilizer of land of city of overgrown with weeds of Lai of station of plant protection of city of overgrown with weeds of Lai of bureau of agriculture of city of Lai overgrown with weeds stands

Beijing of international exhibition center of Lai overgrown with weeds head develop exhibition serves limited company

Assist do medium: Agriculture of net of Chinese agriculture science and technology, farming rich net, Chinese agriculture net, middle peasant net, China is online,

Gold of total net of 3 farming nets of Chinese, Chinese agriculture machinery, China farming net, northwest is horticultural, farming endowment big market,

Hui Cong net, China farming endowment net of net of chemical fertilizer of the market, China, Chinese pesticide net, Chinese agriculture machinery,

World of newspaper of people of knowledge of rural agriculture farmer, farming bound, new agriculture, Shandong agriculture, country, country

◆ ginseng extends range

One, achievement of new and high technology, project exhibits agriculture area

The scientific research achievement of place of courtyard of agricultural business, universities and colleges, scientific research, new breed of efficient agriculture new technology, biology technology and agriculture, project of of all kinds agriculture;

2, the seed is planted the seedling exhibits an area

Seed, kind vaccine production, manage, treatment company, seed examines, treatment, pack wait for instrument equipment, achievement of newest scientific research reveals the seed (fructification, plant) ;

3, fertilizer exhibits an area

Fertilizer of nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, biology, organic and natural fertilizer, compound fertilizer, zoology fertilizer, accuse commentate fat, answer mix fertilizer of fat, face of blade, juice all sorts of fertilizer of fat, strong fertilization, small fertilizer, grow seedlings, bacterium are fertilizer, special fertilizer.

4, pesticide exhibits an area

1, pesticide: Insecticide, pesticide of antiseptic, herbicide, biology, wholesome insecticide, rat poison, kill wireworm agent, acaricide, insect to grow conditioning agent, kill the mollusc agent, agent that kill alga, avoid to avoid pesticide of agent of agent, fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs, biology, environmental protection pesticide.

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