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2007 Korea the 25th an Er (Seoul) international food exhibition
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Show a name: 2007 Korea the 25th an Er (Seoul) international food exhibition shows time: 2007-04-24 exhibits an address to 2007-04-27: Shanghai starts justice journey 8 Shanghai 10 thousand 3110 rooms sponsor the center unit: Assist run an unit: Contact: Ding Laiwang connects a telephone call: (021) 5108-8771/2, 6219-7592 mobile telephone: (021) 5108-8771/2, 6219-7592 fax: (021) 6219-601 postcode: 200336 email: network address: Other connection means: Postpone meeting brief introduction: One, exhibit meeting general situation:
? Korea history is the longest, scale is the largest feed category exhibition
? (Head Er) exhibition of Seoul international food and machinery of Korea international food exhibit the corresponding period to hold, can achieve the biggest result of mutual communication
? Of domestic and international professional audience and businessman exceeding participate in

2, limits of item on display
1.Food reachs food accretion
2.Wine kind reach beverage
3.Food machines machinery
4.Food package machine
5.Things of restaurant, cuisine

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