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Treatment of food of the 5th China International and exhibition of the equipment
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Ginseng extend a program
◆ fills appropriate ginseng to exhibit application form to build please official seal mails or the fax comes constituent unit;
◆ applies for to extend an a week inside will join exhibit expense 50% or entire section is collected to constituent unit, fax sheet of bottom of bank remit money please to constituent unit.
◆ exhibits allocate a principle: “ applies for first, pay first, arrange ” first, double-faced mouth is exhibited add collect 10% fee;
◆ organization unit is in after receiving the fee that exhibit a stage, will at be being sent before March 20, 2007 " ginseng exhibit manual " (define all ginseng exhibit formalities and note, include: Arrangement of visa, program, item on display is carried, the hotel is recieved, the item such as the equipment that rent)

Food of China of net of business affairs of burden of food of net of business affairs of machinery of food of net of business affairs of food of professional media China is searched

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