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Treatment of food of the 5th China International and exhibition of the equipment
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Show a name: Treatment of food of the 5th China International and exhibition of the equipment that pack show time: 2007-04-27 exhibits an address to 2007-04-29: China International exhibition sponsors an unit: Assist run an unit: Contact: Beijing bright and clear exhibition serves limited company to connect a telephone call: 010-84404867 64462968 mobile telephone: 010-84404867 64462968 fax: 010-84404399 postcode: 100028 email: network address: Other connection means: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Treatment of food of the 4th China International and exhibition of the equipment that pack, in April 2006 20-22 day is held successfully again in Beijing. We have favour to be: Machine of essence of grand of the smooth mansion of LOMA, Xiamen, Ying Hua that cross a border, Wei, this world politics, Jin Cheng, beautiful yuan, Shanteweike, detain is cut, center of accipitral brightness, division, Kui grand, Xin south, . She is to feed moral course of study to be in the exhibition activity with the most large-scale north, all previous CIFIE is exhibited attracted come from area of England, United States, France, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Holand, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China inside the food technology of more than 10 countries and area, treatment, production, enterprise that pack and agent, all sorts of food processing technique that they showed delegate international home to precede reach the device that pack; CIFIE-2006 already became China to provide dimensions, consequence to reach those who develop a future to exhibit extremely one of meetings.
Look from market demand, flourish increasingly as world goods economy, the world market that pack is huge, only our country is forecasted after “ enters world ” , 2010 GDP time, reach 2 trillion dollar, dimensions of corresponding the market that pack can be achieved at least 500 billion - 600 billion yuan of RMBs, increase to demand of package machine equipment thereby. Forecast according to the expert, demand of the global equipment that pack year increase rate is 5.3% the left and right sides, approached 40 billion dollar 2010, among them China and India will own a lion's share. Accordingly, to packing the demand of equipment market, home, international two markets are tremendous.
Treatment of food of the 5th China International and bag furnish exhibit CIFIE-2007 fully on April 2007 27-29 day exhibits a center to hold in China International, exhibit an area 22000 much square metre, collect is revealed, forum, communication at an organic whole, provide high-class service for you, admire make gold of Chinese food industry exhibit meeting.
Exhibition is aimed at target audience
Sponsor an orgnaization to will use numerous media to make a large number of promotion, release through letter, network, E-mail, media, news, mainstream the press, learning communication, invite major to purchase plant of company of business, food, food, pack, the investment such as treatment, hotel, snack / commerce / evaluate / design / project / seek advice / research and development / management / plan / supply / imports and exports / government / association / courtyard place / orgnaization.
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