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2007 China (Shanghai) exhibition of equipment of international food sanitation a
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Show a name: 2007 China (Shanghai) exhibition of equipment of international food sanitation and safe testing instrument shows time: 2007-04-26 exhibits an address to 2007-04-29: Exhibition of Chinese Shanghai agriculture sponsors an unit: Assist run an unit: Contact: Chen Jie connects a telephone call: 021-64752979, 64752907, 13818675488 mobile telephones: 021-64752979, 64752907, 13818675488 faxes: 021-64752907 postcode: 200235 email: network address: Other connection means: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Market background
“ civilian it is a day in order to feed, feed with An Weixian ” , close the coming year, food safety already became the popular topic that consumer place cares, expire from “ grandma incident ” arrives ” of “ crab disturbance, food safety problem causes the wide attention of world each country more and more. Because agricultural production is medium drug of a large number of use pesticide, chemical fertilizer, animal, chemical additive and turn gene technology, zoology environment is played havoc with, food sanitation and safety precaution face new challenge, current, our country shares 100 much food to produce an unit, but a lot of company base conditions are poor, machine equipment condition lag, its dimensions is changed and modern rate is low, from quality of personnel of course of study low, do not have the essential requirement that produces eligible food, the quality that assures food hard is safe. Food safety involves harm of the sex that feed a cause, the key is to detect technology and lab detect ability, the developed country controls a respect to present a clear trend in food safety: It is value of set limit to of safe and wholesome invite public bidding is reduced stage by stage, 2 it is to detect technology increasingly incline to hi-tech is changed, seriation, fast measure change and portable change respect development. And the testing instrument of a lot of our country enterprises and equipment detect ability difference, sensitivity is low, detect the technology is backward. Accordingly, our country in “ the self check that the business already will increase in 915 programs ” accuses ability to label one of development targets oneself.
This second exhibit meeting general to be packed for testing instrument equipment, rubber packing sheet, drug of additive, microbial, pesticide, animal, move plant, food to last the opportunity with the platform that the relevant production manufacturer such as the technology provides to communicate with professional terminal client and trade weak be in harmony.

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