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2007 China machinery of drink of austral border food and exhibition of the techn
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Show a name: 2007 China machinery of drink of austral border food and time of exhibition of exhibition of the technology that pack: 2007-04-20 exhibits an address to 2007-04-22: Guangdong saves Dongguan city gymnasium to exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Assist run an unit: Contact: Wang Jun connects a telephone call: 86-769-23021089 mobile telephone: 86-769-23021089 fax: 86-769-8801230 postcode: Email: network address: Other connection means: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Sponsor an unit: Guangdong saves association of the technology that pack
Undertake unit: Guangdong saves committee of major of association of the technology that pack
100 million groups of exhibition service limited company of Shanghai (meeting Wu plans as a whole)
Support an unit: Association of industry of Taiwan businessman of city of Dongguan of government of Dongguan city people
Dongguan city feeds moral trade association
The Asia exhibits society of food of trade association Europe
Dongguan city foreign trader invests industry association
Association of Dongguan city cooking
Dongguan city wine kind guild
Hua Na saves food guild each

■ the market looks into:
Grow as the high speed of economy of our country countryman, people living standard rises ceaselessly, promoted the development of industry of beverage of our country food, formed the dimensions market that comparative, its machine manufacturing domain to expanding ceaselessly, giant consumptive group and potential market are sure to attract domestic and international more and more investment business, trafficker, negotiate business.
Manufacture a technology to drive market of our country food to reach rapidder development, stimulative international science and technology communicates, raise the production of industry of our country food and scientific research level, drive market of our country food to breed at the same time with development. 2007 China machinery of drink of austral border food and exhibition of the equipment that pack, will in April 2007 20—22 day exhibits a center to hold in Dongguan city gymnasium, the enterprise outside be home through this exhibition at us provides a study, communication, negotiated platform.
The world's greatest international machines Dongguan of —— of manufacturing industry base, be located in Chinese economy most develop bead trigonometry is mid, be close to adjacent Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Fosan, situation is very advantageous. With economic bitter fleabane suddenly develops, solid industrial base, advanced science and technology, brilliant construction is accomplished and develop prospect capaciously, be chosen to be city of Chinese optimal glamour. The city that Hua Na area exceeds 6 million population 20 many, china machinery of drink of austral border food and exhibition of the equipment that pack were held in Dongguan in April 2007, our ginseng exhibits an enterprise to will greet larger development space, its foreground is full of infinite business chance.
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