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Exhibition of product of agriculture machinery of 2007 Jiangxi autumn
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Show a name: Exhibition of product of agriculture machinery of 2007 Jiangxi autumn shows time: On September 21, 2007 - address of 23 days of exhibitions: Jiangxi saves meeting of 9 rivers town to exhibit a center to sponsor an unit: Assist run an unit: Contact: He Long opens secretary-general to connect a telephone call: 0791-2861810 2861829 mobile telephone: 0791-2861810 2861829 fax: 0791-6283818 postcode: Email: Network address: Other connection means: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Introductive
Save to combine Jiangxi in last few years the development with agriculture and ceaseless industry of mechanization of farming and agriculture machinery equipment are updated ceaselessly. Increase bid of the memory in receiving ” around increase production of synergism of “ agriculture abridged edition, farmer closely, with raising agrotechnical equipment standard, improvement equipment structure is mixed enhance agricultural put together to add up to productivity to give priority to a line, attach most importance to a dot in order to advance mechanization of link of rice production key, sufficient esteem farmer buys agriculture machinery to counterpoise independently, be brought into play further and protect peasant initiative, develop a mechanization of farming, advance agricultural modernization, make agricultural synergism, farmer add close. Accelerate me to omit the step that agricultural machinery changes, raise me to save the development level of agricultural machinery ceaselessly. Cooperate Jiangxi to save “ 915 ” are agrotechnical transform a program, begin communication of domestic and international new and high technology energetically, achievement of outstanding science and technology, new product uses promotion, between promotional Jiangxi and international, between district, the communication inside the industry cooperates. Only total motive force of 2005 agriculture machinery grows quickly, grew 21.6% , level of agriculture machinery exercise has bigger rise, tractor-ploughing level is amounted to 60% , machine receive a level to amount to 31% . Complete province sells a tractor thirty thousand seven hundred, agrarian overall twenty-seven thousand five hundred, combine harvester 5000. Rice production is mechanical especially high-powered machinery gets rapid development. Mechanization of rice production whole journey was broken through machine insert bottleneck, paddy machine inserts a technology to begin to enter promotion application phase by experiment demonstrative phase. Complete province agriculture machinery manages gross income to achieve 7.9 billion yuan, agriculture machinery door develops 630 thousand, the net income that omits farmer average per capita to come from agriculture machinery to run a service completely achieves 74 yuan, than going up year of growth 14 yuan. Agriculture machinery hangs out his shingle on rate comparing year grow 49.5% , control of rate of agriculture machinery accident is in 1.5 people / 10 thousand the following. Total motive force of machinery of agriculture of complete 2006 province achieves 21.4 million kilowatt, the tractor retains the quantity achieves 300 thousand, agrarian overall amount to 160 thousand, the combine harvester amounts to 20 thousand, rice transplanter amounts to 300. The paddy field is agrarian establish of seed rice of whole, water and results mechanization level are achieved respectively 65% , 10% , 40% ; The main crop key such as fruit industry, cole, cotton, grazing produces link mechanization to want to be broken through somewhat. To increase the progress of Jiangxi agriculture machinery inside countrywide industry and development, guild of machinery of Jiangxi province agriculture on September 24, 2007 —25 day saves center of conference of 9 rivers town to hold product of exhibition of product of agriculture machinery of 2007 Jiangxi autumn and agriculture machinery of autumn of 2007 complete provinces to order goods in Jiangxi meeting.
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