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Exposition of agriculture of Wuhan of the 4th China
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Show a name: Exposition of agriculture of Wuhan of the 4th China shows time: 2007-11-1- - 2007-11-5 exhibits an address: Wuhan international exhibition center sponsors an unit: Assist run an unit: Contact: Xie Yun connects a telephone call: 027-85809690 mobile telephone: 027-85809690 fax: Postcode: Email: network address: Other connection means: Postpone meeting brief introduction: Exposition of agriculture of Wuhan of the 4th China
Time: On November 1, 2007 - 5 days
Place: Wuhan international exhibition center
Support an unit: Department of Commerce of Ministry of Agriculture of People's Republic of China, People's Republic of China
Sponsor an unit: Hubei saves people government
Undertake unit: Government of Wuhan city people
Assist run an unit: Hubei province is each city, city, straight hall of business affairs of province of hall of agriculture of province of tubal city and government of people of forest zone of Shen Nong Jia, Hubei, Hubei, Hubei saves forestry bureau
, head office of group of agriculture machinery of province of bureau of Hubei province commissariat, Hubei
Support media: Business of Metropolis Daily of day of daily of daily of TV station of CCTV, Hubei, Hubei, the Yangtse River, Hunan, the Yangtse River signs up for  
Carry out undertake unit: Wuhan Long Teng can exhibit development limited company
By support of Department of Commerce of national Ministry of Agriculture, country, hubei saves people government to sponsor, the exposition of agriculture of Wuhan of the 4th China that government of Wuhan city people undertakes will come 5 days to be held in Wuhan international exhibition center on November 1, 2007. Current Nongbohui exhibits occasion to accumulate 40 thousand more than square metre, set in all exhibit more than 2000, 40 many towns of nearly 10 countries outside constituent condition and area, home and Hubei, Wuhan in all ginseng of many 2000 enterprise is exhibited; At the appointed time, domestic and international chain of many 100 supermarket reachs each district of many tens of thousands of professional audience, whole nation agency of more than 10000 produce, purchase business to will negotiate to the spot order.
Mid there is important strategic place in development of our country agriculture, hubei is agricultural big province, agriculture is resourceful; Wuhan has 9 provinces to know thoroughfaring area advantage, have vast market potential. Wuhan farming rich can hold 3 successfully already, the scene of thousands of business that comes from countrywide each district is revealed, drew the look that social all circles pays close attention to, obtained the positive result of plentiful and substantial, the accord that got broad ginseng exhibits business, professional audience and leaders of all levels is approbated.
The 4th Nongbohui will consume ” to give priority to a problem with health of · of “ green agriculture; In order to publicize enterprise and brand, build platform of produce produce and sale to be a method; In order to develop contemporary agriculture, advance construction of socialistic new rural area, compose to build new-style and harmonious society, promote agricultural synergism, farmer effectively to add close for the purpose, base oneself upon is mid, radiation whole nation, promote area agriculture development in the round, promote the extensive communication of each district agriculture and cooperation. This will be the brand grand meeting with unprecedented scale, produce to produce, for, sell a business, wear be pregnant with infinite business chance!
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