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Of litchi nucleus fabulous
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Litchi nucleus, eat the pit that litchi leaves namely, most person regards it as trash threw away, how to become as to it blindly Chinese traditional medicine, still have the story of a win universal praise. According to legend, great poet of a day of Tang Dynasty resides Yi Zheng to revise a poem to stalk of grain in the home in vain, the Shi Youlai that has a south visits him, still bring the litchi of a few firm maturity. Then two people one side studies the poem stalks of grain, taste beauty of have a taste of what is just in season's goluptious litchi at the same time, eating, bai Juyi can'ts help poetic inspiration is sent greatly, brandish pen wrote to praise the line of litchi: "Chew doubt sky flavour, smell different is worldly sweet, embellish gets the better of lotus unboiled water, tangerine of bright even more gets frost. " at this moment, his wife Chun Lan comes in, see there are a lot of litchi nucleuses on the table, be together with respect to the bag, conveniently is put in the drawer of the table, time grows, forgot. After a month, bai Juyi got hernia disease because of catch cold catch cold, action inconvenience. Chun Lan takes drug to doctor home, after doctor inquire illness, gave Chun Lan a packet of Chinese traditional medicine that has included beforehand. Chun Lan returns the home, because household work is busy, not immediately decoct medicine, put in the drawer that puts litchi nucleus formerly with respect to conveniently. Passed a little while work is busy was over, chun Lan takes out doctor to include good Chinese traditional medicine from the drawer, open look, it is nucleus of a few litchi. She remembered the litchi nucleus that she deposits suddenly, "Take a fault? " open another paper bag then, looking also is litchi nucleus, two bags an appearance. She lowered her head to ponder a little while, the drug that doctor gives is litchi nucleus, does this litchi nuclear energy treat hernia disease? For discreet for the purpose of, chun Lan goes to doctor home to enquire again, the medicine that doctor says to he gives is litchi nucleus, litchi nucleus is the fine drug that treats hernia disease, he ever cured many hernia patients. This ability boiled Chun Lan litchi nucleus water, let Bai Juyi take. Had done not have a few days, hernia disease of Bai Juyi is good. After, he meets the person says, see the person is told, litchi nuclear energy treats hernia disease. Later, bai Juyi lives to the capital, told a drive doctor again. Drive cure is being made up long " a book on Chinese medicine " when, collect went up litchi nucleus, such, litchi nucleus is become blindly shedding of Chinese traditional medicine hands down. Of later ages " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account: "Litchi nucleus treats hernia painful, woman animal spirit is prickled. " " a book on Chinese medicine wants fully " also account: "Litchi nucleus enters liver kidney, medicinal powder sluggish is angry, monarch cold evil, treat gastral cavity painful, woman animal spirit is painful. "   modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is clinical nucleus of commonly used also litchi, as San Hanqu Shi Jia is tasted, liver classics blood distributes fine drug, can go the gas in blood, dispel is wet medicinal powder cold connect sluggish, because cold and those who send is hernial,treat the disease such as disease, gastralgia. Litchi nucleus
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