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Litchi of Fujian another name for Guangdong Province contend for
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Gu Jinshi's person chants the poem of litchi, without Lv two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, but I feel to be written the most tastily, should calculate Su Dongpo eventually " feed litchi " that a four-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme. The footing that of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is him is outside river fellow is not native just. Shi Yun: Collect float hill issues spring of the four seasons, order of Lu tangerine arbutus is new; Day eat litchi 300, not demit grows the person austral mountain. Litchi is the special local product of Guangdong, what produce with this locality of course is the famousest. Can be once upon a time the discretion that Fujian person tastes to Li, have bit of stick to one's position all along, think the litchi of Fujian is better than Guangdong. Of famous Cai Junmo " litchi chart " , say the litchi of the world, with be in Fujian the first, sichuan city take second place, it is south mountain below. He says wide south produces litchi, early and the flesh is thin, flavour pleasant is acerbity, in connecting Fujian coarse also be not a patch on. Cai Junmo and Su Dongpo are person of day of the Song Dynasty together, one demotes to eat litchi to aux would rather the official makes Cantonese, litchi of Guangdong of an essential however look down upon, say to compare Sichuan repeatedly be not a patch on. This kind of different assessment, except taste hobby is different, unavoidable it is myopia watch a horizontal inscribed board, pardonable Qu Dajun of angry angry say: Talk in order to grant, the place in another name for Guangdong Province is produced hang green, this its most. Fuzhou beautiful person, have not the Hei Xie south enemy mountain, and Cai Jun Mopu is the cloud, wide south it is good that city county place gives choice person, what compare Dong Min only is coarse, be also countryside Qu Zhi is talked also. The origin of this kind of conflict, I think to produce as a result of Guangdong and blessing found a capital about litchi, but traffic is disadvantageous once upon a time, litchi itself is collected come down to allow changeful flavour to decay again, everybody does not have the fresh litchi that opportunity savor produces somewhere else, what always think him home town produces naturally is best, because at least always fresh much. As to the litchi of Fujian and Guangdong, after all what which one province produces is best, criterion the litchi that I had not eaten Fujian at all, also had seen without the opportunity " hangs green " , so, did not talk the qualification of the row at all. My taste ases if with Su Dongpo, want to litchi can eat only, namely home town is OK also ignore and forget. The litchi that Hong Kong appears on the market the earliest, majority is alleged jade pouch. This kind of litchi that goes out early, what native eats is not much, of patronage is more outside river fellow, especially fellow of the river outside newcome, eat with pleasure, think this is Guangdong's famous litchi, native stands in however aside snicker, this is actually pardonable also. Because of " north " gives litchi far from, life place sees eats litchi, except litchi works, it is potted litchi, once have an opportunity,eat furcate now fresh litchi, natural choice is wide not plan. Provincial once upon a time person eats the fresh litchi of Guangdong without the opportunity not only, the person that has seen litchi is cultivated namely is very few also, accordingly, " Er is elegant " and " fruit tree annals " what add on the book of and so on insert draw, always cultivate litchi the picture get grotesque in shape and gaudy in color, know scarcely alleged. It is the litchi picture that place of general and provincial painter paints, shaping apply is lubricious, also differ with objective very far, best also can draw a " litchi of a violet black to do " only just. Be just as this today, this pardonable also Cai Junmo to litchi of Fujian another name for Guangdong Province article produce conflict.

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