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Luxuriant name litchi the first bagman Gaolishi
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Dynasty of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty, district already cultivated luxuriant name namely litchi. A hunderd li of circumference of southwest of float mountain ridge, relief is gentle slope, earthy and loose fleshy, rainwater divide evenly falls, sunny, it is the natural region that develops litchi. Past dynasties ancestor bred admirable litchi variety, if white sugar small-moutheds jar, imperial concubine laugh, hang Ci of green, polished glutinous rice to wait. Still survive 600 years now Gu Lizhi, still exist to be passed to call the Gu Lizhi Lin Yuan that tribute pursues. Luxuriant name although district litchi has 2 more than 1000 years to cultivate history, dan Yuanyun north should be in the Tang Dynasty day is primary. And the person savor litchi that lets the Huanghe valley, should be Gaolishi to the wife of a prince of the Supreme Being Gong Li is only then. Original name of Gao Li person Feng Yuan one (683, 762 years) , be born in city of Tang Dynasty Pan (today fast city) , the 6th generation of Mrs. Xian grandson. The Tang Dynasty the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of all previous of emperor of Wu Zetian day (698) , denounce south mountain attack make enter him 15 years old in Li Qian act according to Wu Zetian. Because of small fault by expulsive palace, gong Gaoyan blessing closes inside for nursling, change a last name tall. Du Mu of Tang Dynasty poet has line " ride human society imperial concubine to laugh, nobody know is litchi comes " , dai Dawen of the Song Dynasty learns a Su Shi to have line " day eat litchi 300, not demit grows the person austral mountain " . Quiet day writer, Ceng Renhu is wide have line with the Ruan Yuan of two wide Ji Yungui's governors " should be the Gaolishi before the hall, most study local color home town " . Cong Shizhong knows, in Tang Dynasty initial stage, litchi already entered capital Chang'an (today Xi'an) , let imperial high-ranked imperial concubine enjoy. Because Tang Dynasty history does not have particular account, later generations comments the litchi that removes Yang Guifei to eat is person where pay intribute after all. Somebody thinks to come from another name for Guangdong Province on the west, somebody thinks to come from Guangzhou to add a city, somebody thinks to come from Sichuan. I think the first carries litchi to arrive although the person of Chang'an is not Gaolishi, but Gaolishi sends home town litchi into royalty is possible completely. No matter where the person goes to, missing beautiful work of child child days and special local product of yearning home town is a kind of general character. Ruan Yuan has done south the governor of a few provinces, write " should be the Gaolishi before the hall, most study local color home town " line, won't be without foundation imagination. Reason says, gaolishi should be luxuriant name the first person that district litchi promotes northland. Again suppositional, since the wife of a prince of the Supreme Being eats litchi, won't eat only, the ground is convenient won't pay intribute one year. For many times old pay intribute, won't be Li of tribute of ability of home town of Gao Li person only, other place official is bestowed favor on to obtain also meet pay intribute, or give free to weigh me to civil and military. Say Guangzhou adds a city to take Gong Li so, say Sichuan tribute Li, I think reasonable also. The problem is everybody cannot observe and study give who one year which the most advanced tribute, which place pay intribute how many years. "Ride human society imperial concubine to laugh " , just write the scene of flying Ma Yunli, cannot say high-ranked imperial concubine and imperial emperor child eat litchi only. If be other,I think the place is old pay intribute, gaolishi touchs Li to lay condition, get an emperor to dote on again, however not from home town Gong Li is to tell be illogical. No matter Gaolishi is most first Jian Li pay intribute person, but as luxuriant name litchi of the first one or two markets zone toward north, the view that tribute samples to the wife of a prince of the Supreme Being is hold water. Luxuriant celebrity generalizes litchi culture, cannot forget Gaolishi this the earliest bagman.

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