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Gu Liji cultivates " of " Song Jiaxiang
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In relics of ancestral hall of family name of former the Song Dynasty of street of dragon of flower of Li the city zone, the Gu Li between Tian Baonian of an establish Yu Tang is cultivated, be apart from already made an appointment with today 1200 old, it is worldly and infrequent senile fruiter, common people call his " of " Song Jiaxiang. According to becoming a book at Song Jiayou 4 years (1059) Cai Xiang is made " litchi chart " account: "Fair litchi of the Song Dynasty, The tree is extremely lofty, its cultivate be handed down through generations already 300 years old of " . Those who see tree age is tall. "" of Song Jiaxiang of " of fair litchi of the Song Dynasty, " is in long years, intense heat of summer of all previous classics is freezing, typhonic arms ammunition, lived to be tenaciously now, vitality it may be said is powerful and prosperous to extremely. Cultivate now 6 meters many tall, truncal circumference 7. 1 meter, crown of a tree enclothes an area to amount to 65 square metre. She is lush and green year old of knot great achievements, good year produces litchi to be as high as 352 jins, fructification shows egg circle, lubricious red case is frivolous, fleshy thick juice is much, fragile slip without broken bits, sweet ooze person, the first " in be being praised to be " of the empress in " fruit, " to taste by common people. When yellow Chao Yibing of Tang Dynasty of according to legend passes Pu Tian, one soldier wants a tree of Li of " of " Song Jiaxiang to chop firewood to use, tree advocate king goody presses his suit, li cultivates ability survive cut down, stayed. At the beginning of this century, western missionary ever brought litchi tree of Pu Tian to American Florida continent go implantation, succeed eventually. The national capital such as American south area and Cuba, Brazil has litchi tree nowadays, get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, from Pu Tian transplanting goes. Allegedly, pu Tian is " of " Li city for He Chenzhi, with " Song Gongli " of branch "" Song Jiaxiang has particular concern.

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