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From flavour of laurel of the hall that turn water fabulous
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Press down white Tian Gang from the Jiang Bu that turn city in new of name of Chang Chi of dispute of litchi of " of flavour of laurel of hall of water of bright village " , it took important place in Guangdong's well-known litchi trademark, make the admirable variety of rare. The characteristic of flavour of water hall laurel is fructification of every litchi when maturity the 1/4 stain that contains blackish green scene is on the shoulder, the red of the whole body of the others is red, call " duck head green " again so; Its crust takes thorn, the flesh is glittering and translucent milky white, bright is fragile sweet, fleshy thick nucleus is small, pare fruit carapace wraps pulp not to see the least bit water is slash with paper, these advantages can be rivalled without other litchi. The poem is card " bright red hold green green jade concurrently to precious jade oar, lubricious flavour double beautiful more the belt is sweet; If ask litchi who heads, " of the king in fruit of flavour of water hall laurel is visible, the before last that flavour of water hall laurel is litchi breed is tasted. In white Tian Gang, existent flavour of 4 water hall laurel of 200 years of above often are cultivated, the taste of laurel of hall of on 1000 mus of water that shows this area to cultivate often cultivates the engraft that encircle a branch to come out from these 4, because a lot of element such as climate, soil and old tree quality are same,its pledge if really. Old tree of flavour of laurel of hall of these 4 water cultivates fastidious of time have no way formally, periphery also has many as identical as its annual ring its tree body is bulky, lichenous bestrew, ramose root protruding shows, very old achieve, limb of cent having a department is withered the litchi of died different breed, these old litchi uphold the harships that experienced many centuries, vicissitudes of life, change. According to hearing, flavour of water hall laurel has a lot of beautiful fokelore, among them it is the widest that this fokelore circulates. According to legend is very long a long time ago, collect of river drifting a brook 100 plain water, from north Xiang Na gallops and will flow into Pearl River, the white Tian Gang that the river water that emerges urgently comes to middle reaches already became by the hamlet slowly, the emerald green ginseng side two sides is extremely big tree and dark green river water mirror into the interest, good a beautiful place. In those days, in white Tian Gang the hamlet is staying in a few to surname yellow villager, their sunrise and agrarian, sunset and breath, close on this land diligent cultivated. Had not known how many days again, the village increases with each passing day, an other people is born have 5 sons, 5 sons are grown get married to parents establishing line of business also multiplies a crane in succession and go, parents leaves a family property for every son, its although the 5th son gets married stand room but after be not being had all the time, until wife die, from already healthy in old age. The old person raises natural span of life to part with brother already to consider, outside the village the place of a level off is built removed 4 big house that put in hall 's charge, the old person uses a horizontal stroke on big house lintel flat write on " of " Huang Yinduan 3 words, on the side gouge pound, house edge was planted a few fruit tree, raised a flock of group gallinaceous duck. The old person prepares such provide for the aged to put in earth 's charge. One day, one countrywoman seeks old person judge which is right because of a few bagatelle, insist stubbornly the old person displeased her child, scold old person without a single redeeming feature, and after cursing him to not have. After friend elder brother's wife knows, hard wife the old person remarries after the death of his wife, the old person has only only the name is from, married the young lady of ceremony of a knowledge knowing a book. After marriage a year many, the old person is chased one child, be in heaven. Also be the day that his son is born, old person early in the morning walks out of a doorway to see east horizons auspicious Yun Piao waves, the son was born, and some when fly from inside sky the duck that the bird of body of crane of 4 duck head entered his pound limit to put in a suitable place to breed group, some 4 birds are different, wool body is snow-white, neck head is like duck, red carries green hair on the temples on the head, it is lovely very. He goes by, see their mouth holds small young plant of a litchi. He associates to the son to just was born to reach these 4 Xiaomiao with 4 birds, feel this is God grants his mascot, the son that he treats 4 birds and small sapling to just was born as cherishing him is same, it is immediately by the side of house the clearing admiral sapling of left is cultivated, and the bird that seems a crane to be not a crane to duck of those 4 blame that be like duck tries conserve. The son is brought up every day, small litchi sapling also grows every day tall, sapling of the litchi after a few years blossoms and bear fruit in succession. Season of Li Gong Chanming, the litchi of racial establish in the fruit that the old person sees ties of these 4 litchi goes and village differs somewhat, although also be laurel flavour breed, also be born a string of red lead that string together red is redly, but what ties of these 4 litchi goes is Dan Gongzhong however the ribbon is green, and the belt in fleshy qualitative bright is sweet sweet in the belt is fragile, breed is very rare, he thinks of duck group the green wool that that red top plays li of 4 birds that seem duck to be like a crane only, be about to this Li names for green " of " duck head with souvenir. The old person fosters the son die without known cause after the adult, and 4 birds also do not know when to drive auspicious cloud and go. 4 litchi tree is born the branch is numerously Xie Mao, written guarantee every year a fructification again and again. The son of the old person is mixed in old father as a child of mom teach below, know a book to know a ceremony, perusal of the five classics of the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) after be brought up at the head, constant of each one gentle adn cultivated Confucianism be an official is tasted together asperse recite poems. Have a year, be cicada cries Li red season, old person son invites that friend to taste Li drink to asperse, savor of bookman refined scholar highest grade of this Li big favor, in tasting Li, he tells a friend this to Li is not general however, how to get Li to cultivate care to be accused etc from father. Big favor is magical after the friend listens, the bird that says that is like duck to be like a crane is red-crowned crane certainly, the divine fruit that considers as an immortal sky of general of descend to the world delivers the world. Fruit of since celestial being, terrestrial highest grade, the friend suggests to name this Li anew, because backside of this big house is river drifting a brook, there is brook to surround in front, periphery still has pound, like living in water in the center of. From morning till night, nobody forges a good name, midday arrives when more, have a moon one round to rise in sky, have one friend to be drunk so that have 8 minutes drunk, give shaft door to see periphery white, say " good condition greatly, like be in the center of water. "Another friend listened: "Yes, ' flavour of water hall laurel ' , have poetic flavour quite, laurel taste has in underwater hall, extremely clever extremely clever. "From now on, get about of flavour of water hall laurel. From now on, litchi of flavour of these 4 laurel with Shui Kegui flavour outward get about, draw a lot of bookman refined scholars every year, especially when litchi is mature, later, because this place is quiet, often a lot of students read here, the local brandish pen that guest of Chinese ink of a bookman gets together for this bookman photograph wrote down powerful running hand " of Jing Yuanshu room of 4 words " , its meaning is sex of Yue of can of hill of " static keep watch over the ripening crops, affection of Yi Yi of far view green water " . Host uses green flag chisel after and become, tear open the " of " Huang Yinduan of father inscribe below, set on the banner that room " regards " Jing Yuanshu as the frown on the door. From now on, flavour of laurel of hall of these 4 water was brought to host lucky, he what burning incense sheet passes is first, begin from him, money is fourth two flourishing, burning incense is ceaseless. Say as it is said, the bookman refined scholar that in " Jing Yuanshu room " shuts the door to be read a lot of also Jin Bang autograph, and the person that has had taste of laurel of this water hall is not a cut above others it is large fortune.
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