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World of big Tang Cheng: The dynasty that litchi adorns (pursue)
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Litchi ascends from scenery of a kind of border district the center of body dynasty, become history thing to circulate then, become widely known, still have greatest responsibility with a woman. She is Yang Guifei. Yang Guifei loves litchi of be addicted to was giving a name on the history, tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang is right her " 3000 favorite in a suit " also annals of history leaves behind a good reputation, direct an one screen then " post passes litchi " farce, with Zhou Youwang, honour of Si " balefire play is vassal " the model for painting that becomes mock of past dynasties bookman to chant euqally. Du Mu of the famousest nothing is more... than " Guo Huaqing palace " a poem of four lines 3 one of. The poem says: "Chang'an is answered look at embroider to form a pile, 1000 order open the summit. Ride human society imperial concubine to laugh, nobody know is litchi comes. " poetic it may be said is angry and do not hurt, the affection of poetic allegorical is contained and do not show, all show lukewarm embellish instinctive quality. Actually pardonable also, according to " litchi chart " account, tang Chaoli branch " Luoyang takes Yu Ling south, chang'an comes at Ba Shu, although sayXian Xian, and those who pass buy fast, cankered, the put person of lubricious fragrance dies a few " . The litchi that enjoys in the Yang Guifei of Chang'an personally is city of You Bashu Fu to post sends and come, from a great distance, allow easy metamorphism plus hot summer days, although post assist whip and spur, be afraid of also one cannot say for sure a few minutes fresh. Accordingly, make with processing the post of the important matter drives army nation deferent litchi also is affection have to already. Just, since ancient times female disaster water, generation emperor bright the emperor also hard to avoid so and lead to " national broken the land of country is in " tragic, accusing rise, litchi also hard to avoid obtains guilty demit with innocent body. Day treasure 15 years, install Shi Zhi the 2nd year random namely, of equestrian loftying slope in changing, tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang is forced to grant Yang Guifei to bang oneself. Once unique beautiful woman is sweet disappear jade die, also make a person however can sad. Of Zhang Hu " Ma Wei slope " one poem is faint disclose this condition: "Banners and flags does not rectify Nai Jun He, person rare north goes south much. Dust already incomplete sachet is colourful, litchi still lofties to the horse slope. " troubled times is the most merciless, litchi stills have affection. Be opposite with Du Mu " imperial concubine laugh " chant mock is different, tang Chao a few poets lofty with the horse of slope turn into base point, cong Xuanzong and the love of high-ranked imperial concubine are cut, to the wailing wind and weeping rain-wretched circumstances of troubled times and its love the injury that break sentiment gives sympathetic understanding. And the thing reminds one of its owner, litchi often becomes affective carrier. Money □ is particularly intentional, be afraid that Xuan Zong opens the breach of longing, because this is unavoidable 1000 bite 10 thousand enjoin, do not enter to the emperor display litchi! Its poem: "When Hu Yiming emperor Is hope on the west, internal injury goes hate unexpectedly who knows. Gong Chen of admire Lan Yingyu, not Xiang Jinpan enters litchi. " and of Du Fu " divert oneself from boredom 12 " one of however: "Xian Digui the wife of a prince today doleful, litchi is returned answer into Chang'an. Phlogistic Zhu Ying displays every add, jade should Bei White Dew is round. " Beijing is answered after chaos, content is person blame, post passes litchi as before, do not see beautiful woman open one's mouth alone, only Bei comes from which. The poem writes Xuan Zongzhi to hurt feeling extremely clear, with Du Mu the poem is opposite read, one Bei laughs, whether can you also see the manage of blessing giving disaster and the way that study chaos from a litchi? "Ride human society imperial concubine to laugh " it is the mood that high-ranked imperial concubine encounters litchi, derive the history thing of a lot of joys and sorrows from this, if litchi has an opening can character, regard as again why recall with emotion? Ever had written " plum rains full Jiang Chuncao rests, be in in succession litchi branch " be addicted to loves litchi like Zheng Gu most propbably and high-ranked imperial concubine, break out crank so, reincarnate litchi, mouth namely character: "In the past who loves each other, black horse hill encounters high-ranked imperial concubine. Crooked teaching crude point is far, anxious sees pick rare. Seize red glow color late, day of fine bully miasma power. Why is barren loved south, forget to return namely for Er. " clear person Zhang Chao " shadow of deep and remote dream " have talk: "Litchi aether is a bosom friend really. " its meaning is resulting from Zheng Shi. "Why is barren loved south, forget to return namely for Er. " in Zheng cereal eye, litchi built up everything is reluctant to leave south the reason of barren, it serves to show its are accessibly and lovely. Not come singly but in pairs, han □ is in his " Bie Liming government office " in one poem, right also " beat of Hu Er clip jumps over slave-girl to follow, hold jade in both hands all right Pan Changli branch " the honest other people of border district of barren waiting for pretty take delight in talking about. Interesting is, poetic Bao Fang objects to this, its Shi Yun: "Peaceful inside Han Jiahai long, 10 thousand countries Rong Wangjie kowtow. Day horse often holds lucerne flower, hu Ren year old offer wine. In May the break into a smile at the beginning of litchi, toward evening of county leaving an elephant case closes. Wild goose does not fly Gui Yangling, ma Zou crosses Lin Yi mountain first. Fruit of pleasant spring drive hangs down celestial being cabinet, eventide nobody are sweet fall oneself. Far other people is all serious close all light, although chicken has heart be inferior to a crane. " the poet has the difficulties that one is reluctant to mention that have unrecognized talent probably, reason is right " ab extra bonze is met recite scriptures " prejudice and superstition distain to be considered, speak with an a gifted pen then all honest other people such as scoff at clove, grape, litchi. Two for no reason are like poetic end word, and sagacious Sai Yousui, take close example far, with shallow Yu Shen, it is truly to manage. Tang Ren is intentional, have to litchi favor add, make expression of its abundant charm circulates along with a complete Tang poetry up to now. Idle comes chant, the Gan Chun of litchi as before, "Cut glow into parts opportunely piece the oar that wrap a god, cliff honey is natural and discrepant sweet " , make popular feeling an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast difficult or. More of intoxicate is, enemy of Tang Ren's joys and sorrows, affection love hate just is like " drop drop Chun Lin appears litchi " , tumbledown the branch in classic feelings.
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