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Luxuriant name litchi 2000 the history
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Current, the our city already developed become the litchi with the greatest whole world to produce base   Mao Mingli the branch is close already 2000 help advance somebody's career the history, among them one of country of origin that fast city origin presses down cypress bridge village is Mao Mingli branch, in Tang Dynasty, our city litchi already became the articles of tribute of the imperial court. Current, our city each county (city, area) the litchi garden of Shang Cunming, Qing Dynasty and period of the Republic of China is in more. Breed of Mao Mingli branch is much, quality is good, and appear on the market to produce a division than Pearl River delta same breed is early 7 to 15 days. "White sugar small-moutheds jar " it is the our city's peculiar litchi breed, have litchi empress praise, 1997, the white sugar of the our city small-moutheds jar litchi is maintained to be famous brand product on exposition of agriculture of the 3rd China, its characteristic is precocity, fruit big, average sheet fruit 20. 1 gram, peel is bright red, incarnadine be like white wax, fleshy qualitative bright is fragile, sweet sweet powerful, " Guangdong litchi annals " label it high grade breed. "Red in March " the another breed that is early litchi, its fruit great shoulder height, sweet in take small sick at heart. The litchi breed of other still has " laurel flavour " : Pi Xiangong, the nucleus is small be like a beans, fleshy qualitative bright is fragile, flavour Qing Dynasty is sweet and have light sweet-scented osmanthus sweet smell; "White wax " : Fleshy qualitative bright is fragile, a bit rare, sweet in carry tart flavor a bit; "Hei Xie " : The leaf shows blackish green scene, fruit big smell is sweet, qing Tianshuang is fragile; Still have " Ci of polished glutinous rice " , " fleshy pouch " ... after   is liberated, our city litchi cultivates development faster, whole 1961 town is cultivated 569. 1 hectare, produce per year litchi 2696. 9 tons, in 60 time, our city litchi already export HongKong and Macow. To 1988, whole town litchi grows an area 1. 530 thousand hectare, litchi is mixed except popular home outside market of HongKong and Macow, enter an international market. Current, the our city already developed become the litchi with the greatest whole world to produce base, whole town litchi grows an area 1.76 million mus, occupy complete province litchi to cultivate the 35 % of the area about, than the world the 2nd litchi produces big country of India grow an area one times bigger much, crop of litchi of whole last year town achieves 400 thousand tons, occupy the 20 % of the 53 % that save total output completely and global crop about.

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