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Swim family name litchi forest write down
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The Dong Youfeng Lin Jie of violet clouds of north of city of Pu of excessive of old man of the Song Dynasty, swim the family name gets together a group of things with common features in Yan. The swirl whirl of Zun Youshou water, right the 環 that has ancient bag stands erect, what crock hill scoops up south is beautiful, and his like of boreal pillow the sea. Gentleman 10 worlds ancestor Yu Ci of fair Bo Zhu of the establish that review a matter, the lid is descendants 100 thousand plan to far-reaching also. 4 pass to too dear gentleman (swim Tuan, the word is opened easy) , put in concealed mountain forest 's charge, good tree art, ancient have fertile area curtilage, take litchi to cultivate hundreds individual plant to plant therefore, a very short time irrigates, earth up its essential, the herd Da Jizhi that does not have flocks and herds also. Do not count year, litchi Cheng Lin, the person that go passes and watch, watch and know, because of the life say: Swim family name litchi forest. The husband is planted wood is begged after be being used at 10 years, hazel chestnut can offer 籩 fact, chair tung is OK a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of cut down musical instrument, loose Bai Suihan is held out like that alone beautiful, too why is the person that does Qing Du take Zhu Li considered? take an examination of not greatly, think Li is planted out Fujian is jumped over, tribute is acted according to since Han Tang incessant, became in June solid, reflect day and red, 纍 纍 as string of 1000 cash bead, surprise in blame fruit taste? Shen age bear offer sacrifices to, can offer 籩 fact, my Fei of the four seasons, can draft Song Bai, cowboy firewood child, comfortable Yu Si of singing of a very short time, bastinado of old farmer of tough old man is walked on free rest then. Swim the house of the family name has Li forest, its comfort and pressure not also excessive? And I has again in order to peep its small, king advance fair Zhi Sanhuai, tao Yuan Ming Shuwu willow, meaning each have in also. Swim of the family name have litchi, apprentice plaything comfortable affection, promote for temporarily ease already ear? Gai Nianji ancestor those who sow change only then, palace room makes Yan, graveyard builds Yan, wrong meantime of photograph of relative of country party marriage, establish originallies originally and originate deep, originally originally a branches and leaves luxuriant, the source is deep an affluent is far, make descendants sees content promote think of, honour ancestor harmonious Zong Zhi reads aloud arise spontaneously, the age that pass, more Yuan Yubo, do not exemplary? Jie your daughter respects bedroom to decline to be not mixed not harmonious, it is Ge Jiben and Saijiyuan also, must not have have die of old age rest absolutely Lv Ye, be criterion too Chang Gongzhi small suggestion also! It is OK to have the person that know profound think of. Its Li is planted Yu Qianning 2 years, between heretofore Long Xing (male peace is Tangmo change the designation of an imperial reign of clear an administrative unit in Xizang comes 2 years Song Xiaozong Long Xingchu yuan plan 280 years) , already birthday and Nie, grass resides beneficial to get the better of. Guo Fenglin of Yu Dengzi clouds, feudal provincial or prefectural governor swims fair (namely 10 worlds ancestor elephant city complementary fair) write down please grant, grant disgrace gentleman intimate friend, state its place therefore from date person, write down because of the gentleman, with be not sought and closing oneself also! Blessing varnish Lin Yang (the Song Dynasty) Weng Kang writes Cai Junmo " litchi chart " carry " You Jiazi " with " Chen Jiazi " eponymous, its call is also. Qi Lin silvers coin to belong to estuarine today, north of the bridge that greet celestial being is made half lis, of a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place draw near, gu Weng gets together a group of things with common features hair auspicious Yu Si, still ancestral temple is in Yan. First Confucianism Weng Tanhua (avoid as taboo bear assist) bright end Weng Guanying still ascends Yi Chuanzhi division armour, descendants acme, migrate today he is in, in type of the person that silver coin originally small, the ground former subject Pu Tian. Press Weng Xianru sincerely this is written down, its Li Yu Qianning 2 years (894 years) kind, to Song Xiaozong Long Xingchu yuan (1163) plan 280 years (should be 269 years! ) , and too Qing Gong is judge thing fair great-grandson, put in Tian Chongli 's charge, trace reviews a matter fair 4 worlds are rude more than 120 years, ginseng fall 282 years with Tang Youtian, criterion first ancestor enters Fujian Ju Zixiao from Zong Chu of Tang Zhongxie Xuan Zongmo, respectful, knowable old Tang Mo carrying the cloud, blame also! Add up to up to now Qianlong the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor is built already 1000 have one's remaining years! The Pu Wuzong after violet clouds still gets together a group of things with common features in Yan, alack, ancestor merits and virtues more than 1000 years, unbroken and incessant, not far? I child the surname can be not thought of big so brace up, and answer the friendship of promote friendly relations. Qianlong the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (1736) the wash below Zhong Dong judges thing Gong Yisun Yi Hangjing knowledge presses: " litchi chart " say " You Jiazi " famous 10 years, kind from " Chen Jiazi " , of true serious offense. " Pu cropland county annals " carry " You Ding is sweet violet 璚 " namely this. County annals carries " Chen Jiazi " kind from " Song Jiaxiang " , "Song Jiaxiang " the coronal of litchi of the cropland that it is Pu, old belong to Wang, namely what Chao Bing chops Tang Huang, and the person that the nucleus is like mark having axe, make by Cai Junmo " litchi chart " , and Ou Yanggong is made " peony chart " , can says double absolutely, add knowledge hereat.    - - textual carry " riverside of Pu Tian Zixiao an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions swims family name home multiplies " China the Republic of China   of   of 3 years of edition [interpret notes] ① maple forest: Namely today contain river Ou Wutang town maple Lin Cun, pond of old name a huge legendary turtle. ② Wengtan is beautiful: Avoid as taboo bear assist (859-932) , word Wen Yao, from old man of gull of date be improperly familiar with, qi Lin of estuarine of Pu cropland county is foreign (lay newly today countryside lacquer Lin Cun) , tangqian coulds there be 3 years (896) ascend a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations, liang Kaiping 3 years (909) rise right expostulate with to discuss a doctor, fujian salt iron deputy make, add Zun Qi doctor of constant serve, drive history. Poem of Weng Chengzan labour, its an eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme is written rules and forms of classical poem is rigorously, phonic musical sound small-moutheds jar Shan, " complete Tang poetry " 37 poems that receive him are made.

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