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Historical literary quotation: Guangzhou litchi pay intribute
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Guangzhou area helps advance somebody's career litchi has 2000 old histories. According to account, chinese the Na Yue Wang Zhaotuo south mountain dominates first, ever made face articles of tribute with litchi, long-distance use is gone to Kyoto Chang'an (today Xi'an) . When Chinese fierce emperor, still take litchi to cultivate past Chang'an of use of more than 100 plant from Na Yue, specially is built " the palace that help Li up " grow. " · of book of the later Han dynasty and discipline of the Supreme Being " say: "Old Nanhai (today Guangzhou) display longan, litchi. 10 lis of one buy (point to dak) , 5 lis are awaited; Gallop serpentine, road of the dead's afterwards. " Du Fu of Tang Dynasty great poet is in " ill tangerine " in, ever with this use the past to satirize the present, criticize Tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang: "The Nanhai that recall former time history, gallop display litchi. 100 horses dead valley, up to now old Bei of over sixty years of age. "   Guangzhou city on the west today Li bay is taken, ever was the ground that past dynasties teems with litchi. The Northern and Southern Dynasties is entered, already had here piece litchi continent appears, tang Dynasty has with litchi celebrated " Li garden " . Bright generation, here with " litchi fishing is sung " include Yang Cheng 8 scene. Qing Dynasty is acting, "The person that litchi is course of study thousands of " . Add a city to hang green it is the curiosa in litchi, song Daiyang says 10 thousand lis: "5 sheep litchi, before last person to hang collect (hang namely green) . " Yang Guifei also thinks " the person that Nanhai litchi gets the better of Sichuan " , have in litchi breed nowadays " imperial concubine laugh " . Su Shi of poet of Northen Song Dynasty praises litchi: "Day eat litchi 300, not demit grows the person austral mountain. "

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