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Qianlong is small take visit fizzle out alley
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Qianlong emperor lifetime 6 south make one's rounds, ever swam to village of yellow alley of area of river of contain of Pu cropland city once among them allegedly. Up to now the story that Huang Hangcun still is circulating Qianlong emperor eats litchi. That year in May around of dragon boat festival, one day, qianlong emperor comes to dak of hill of Pu cropland bursa, view and admire brilliant of temple Yu Hui, after mountains and rivers-land is beautiful, the hand that keeps in bursa hill to historical celebrity is interest more times add. See yellow consolidate of Ming Dynasty official loyal to his sovereign when him " narrate ancestor " when ink marks, associate the litchi that Ming Dynasty articles of tribute has Huang Hangcun of yellow consolidate home town. This imperial nature that comes from capital from a great distance wants to sample Huang Hangcun's litchi, with worthy trip. For this, qianlong emperor and accompany are small take illicit visit Huang Hangcun. Huang Hangcun teems with litchi and persimmon. Enter Huang Hangcun, the litchi of again and again and the persimmon with green blueness make Qianlong emperor cent not clear is litchi then, that is persimmon. Just Qianlong emperor and accompany come up against an old man. Classics old man gives directions, just distinguish litchi and persimmon. Qianlong emperor puts forward to ask to sample to the old man litchi. In the heart after the old man listens secretly comical: Was June since ancient times cicada cry, litchi is red, nowadays just had litchi to eat then May. The old man listens to accent of official of these a few guests to be like is northerner, satisfy their curiosity, guide them to be in litchi forest at the same time amuse oneself, search early litchi at the same time. Playing, look at, the fructification that Qianlong emperor discovers a litchi is green in take a place small red. This litchi says Qianlong emperor finger: "This litchi can eat! " old man conveniently picked to give Qianlong the emperor, want to let him taste acidity. Qianlong emperor receives handle to paring at the same time skin, send in past mouth at the same time. Inadvertent this litchi falls on sanded ground. Qianlong emperor bows at once pick up, see this litchi still pulp brilliant shines to be not touched arenaceous. Qianlong emperor is like a child to be gone to euqally a place of strategic importance in the mouth, nod again and again express delicious. Accompany sees Qianlong emperor eats gladly, buy all litchi that this next litchi cultivate with times doubler price. This litchi is plucked very quickly come down by guest officials, gorge of beautiful beautiful ground, remain take away, belt the litchi Qianlong emperor that does not go blurts out pair of old men to say: "These litchi grant you! " the model that the old man feels this person still can hold an emperor says " grant " to you! Laugh in his sleeve in the heart. An accompany sees an old man did not kneel down, urge immediately old man: "Fast fall on one's knees! " Qianlong emperor feels the identity that revealed his, before quickness looked to go up to this accompany, explain to the old man: "Not not expensive, expensive! " (genuflect and expensive homophonic close) the old man is looking at Guan Xi of this batch of guests to enrage complacently swagger off, dark contented meaning: Times doubler price buys litchi, still say not expensive, not expensive! At this moment, a batch of village child come this, see litchi, before everybody goes up, grab have one air, each village Tong Mei opens his eyes laugh to cry delicious! Eve of the 2nd year of dragon boat festival, promote the imperial edict that changes government office to know government office to receive Qianlong emperor. The green that imperial edict says to want Huang Hangcun takes be born of red, pulp not to touch sanded litchi. Know government office to receive imperial edict, quiver all over, feel the accident wind and cloud of official career beforehand. Do not take the litchi that gives an emperor to want to eat, is this the blame of gentleman of important criminal bully? Then, county of cropland of Pu of in collusion with telling seat of government makes hurry to Huang Hangcun at once. The old-timer that looks for the village asks to whether have mature in May litchi. Just, that old man that the year before last year sees Qianlong emperor eats litchi also amid. The old man is informed know government office, county to make come when Huang Hangcun's one's purpose in coming, suddenly be enlightened, remembered official of guest of the year before last year comes the scene that Huang Hangcun has litchi. The old man narrated official of guest of the year before last year to take the whole story of litchi to everybody. After knowing government office, county to make listen, was free from anxiety in the heart a lot of, huang Hangcun has the litchi that the emperor should eat. The message comes out, whole village men and women is overjoyed, go around spreading the news each other, pluck the fructification of this litchi entirely had packed, send into the capital at top speed. Qianlong emperor eats this litchi that pass, appear in its Pi Gong green, fructification be born does not touch sand. From now on, people is called " greensand " . Its pulp fiber is thin, inside fruit juice accumulate, those who feed is sweet acid is measurable, peculiar flavor, it is the curiosa in fruit. This " greensand " all previous classics a few dynasty, still grow in Huang Hangcun now, annual dragon boat festival, draw many tourist to come round to view and admire and be savoured. ■ yellow Xiao Jun Lin Guocai

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