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Song Jue - bright generation " Pu Tian is sent " inaugurator
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Song Jue, also make a bow drawn to the full of the Song Dynasty, the word compares jade, date litchi celestial being, country child a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest of unripe, billow. Alley of double pool of Pu cropland the city proper and areas just outside its gates (today street of Ying Long of area of the city proper and areas just outside its gates) person. Bright god ancestor 10 thousand all previous 4 years (1576) unripe, soldier Yu Mingchong auspiciouses 4 years (1632) . Song Jue is the Mingshi that cropland of bright end Pu has talent most. For the county Xiang is born at the beginning of him, cheng Caizao, do not wish draw together of post of bow one's head, of the article when wishing to suffer eight -part essay manacle, one's deceased father elect an officer, abandon then. Junior Nanjing the Imperial College reads, also midway is abandoned. Ever since, he sends contain Nanjing, Suzhou and Hangzhou and other places 30 Yu Zai. Nature of penannular jade ring of the Song Dynasty is open-minded, happy make friends, if the bosom friend considers somnambulate, Zhong Xing, Tan Yuanchun, Cheng Jiasui, Li Liufang to wait, it is a poet that sows the four seas and book painter. Song Jue often has friendly intercourse with the gigantic arm photograph of art and literary circles of these the literary world, its also are oneself for person and scholarship when the world person forest place appreciate. Li Liufang ever was built designedly " mat towel building " , delay him to live, david and Jonathan of two people terribly. Old age, it is literary friend with money modest beneficial again, with ecliptic Zhou Wei enrages friendship friend. When money, yellow when two people are in danger doubt adversity, he is scanty money is generous, it is difficult that aid is discharged urgently, without place avoid sth out of fear, person all without exception is passed when for a story pasted on with approval. Song Jue is long at calligraphy, and a person of extraordinary powers at drink, place drink every in order to fight plan. Beautiful of all of his chapter, travel, careless, be subordinate to, 8 branch are careless, thin interest has a mind, begin to write or paint often having sth new, drunk hind wield one's writing brush, more be like a day to award. Stroke Xia Chengbei 8 minutes, aged and powerful, spirit division swell like that, when hill of reside abroad gold, mao Yuanyi is written " defense preparation annals " , divine an administrative unit in Xizang weighs his " this rich " , yuan appearance namely Yan Jitang says " this rich " , he is 8 minutes of books, the word is big 3 feet are much, for the pen with his complacent life. He essence of life at paint job, picture landscape comes in and go out " 2 meters " , Zhong Gui, at for a long time, can take off picture history bad habit, send from what have a kind of Gao Yi reveal foot. The Shi Youxiu that write a pine absolutely, picture litchi " skin of colour and lustre manages, with unripe as good as " , travel pen hero is beautiful, beauty be overflowing with. When what facing Li Bai " Che Gangchuan pursues " long roll, not fill in colors on a sketch, even if the pen makes to fold belt knit, somewhat flexible, free-standing new idea, not stick to becomes a law. Of its paintbrush clever, dump distinguished personages. The person that beg painting and calligraphy, much wait its are drunk, piece contribute element to listen to its brandish to asperse, disease is held. His paper, all become jewellery. Foreign emissary is bought with weighing gold to beg more, high price is collected. Song Jue is bright generation the anybody that Wu Men draws a clique. Clear generation " Yangzhou 8 strange " one of Huang Shen, be affected by him. Song Jue holds seal cutting of essence of life concurrently, imprint with be being entered 8 minutes oneself, open seal cutting history to go up " Pu Tian is sent " beginning. Zhou Liang is versed in " imprint the person passes " say: "With the eight person that imprint, only then Yu Biyu, the life says ' Pu Tian is sent ' . Take an examination of its name to imprint like that reach ' litchi celestial being ' alias chapter, all Duo of quadrature of the Han people, do not imprint with be being entered 8 minutes only also. " do not start one case, all directions of renown a confusion of voices. Clear sea Ning Zhouchun " talk Yin Shi " in path: "Hear Tian Song saying Pu to compare jade, create Han Li to enter books. Love surprises to unexpectedly face-lifting appearance, ancient magic art disrelishs broom eventually. " give the evaluation of appropriate. What its engrave Cai Xiang " litchi chart " and " Gu Xiangzhai post " , extremely lifelike ground maintained Cai script, be regarded as curiosa. Be versed in again than jade Shi Wen, its poem thinks of transpiration of bright of a small room, ability affection sodden Man, believe wrist disease book, have not accept draft, cherish! He is old driftage Changjiang Delta, but to home town Li child, have a special liking. Ceng Peng writtens guarantee " Li company " , hold the post of the leader of an alliance oneself. He every taste Li to one place, need be inspired by what one sees inscribes Shi Yubi, put today " demit of litchi of children's hair of intermediate of Yu of the hill that read gold makes fun of " one poem, every 54 charm, having is the poem of the Li that chant with the longest past dynasties. He inspects litchi to be the highest fruit on the world, say: "Of litchi at if really, celestial being also, buddha also, solid none must draft. " Song Jue is perfectness and metrical, xi Guqin, be the same as with friend happy, with art meeting friend, be in harmony of its Le Rong. Keep of ink marks of penannular jade ring of the Song Dynasty is still much, have " collect of billow a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest " , " Cai Tie of Gu Xiangzhai treasure " , manuscript is put only " litchi chart " 8, " Huang Han Gong Chuan " mix one piece " foreword of Chen Baiyun peotry anthology " . Zhejiang line drive collect of Shi Lisi Beijing his poem, for " collect " 10, already died now comfort. Deficient of penannular jade ring of the Song Dynasty with the guest eventually, soldier at Nanjing, all the year round is 57 years old. Jie teacher and friend is aided financially after, in Tian Wenfu of Pu putting in bury 's charge (today south village of card of the hill outside the door) . Ming Chongzhen 14 years (1641) , li Sijing establishs stone to express a grave for its, call " heart of wine of musical instrument heart, zun Zhiying of tasteful bend river, book emperor draws buddhist, buy beg make abroadly. " inscribe its forehead to be " within the country fills Mingshi. "

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