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White sugar small-moutheds jar
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Alias: Bee candy small-moutheds jar (report is white) white sugar small-moutheds jar is the early breed with Guangdong province the best quality, basically produce white and other places of the fast city that the area is in luxuriant name city, report. Have 2 about, help advance somebody's career 300 years the history, and other places of town of electric Aries horn has help advance somebody's career; And other places of town of fast city new Dong also has fragmentary help advance somebody's career. (1) form of crooked heart of fructification character fruit or form of short crooked heart, medium big, vertical diameter 3. 2 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3. 7 centimeters, average sheet is weighed if really 24. 8 grams; Peel is thin, vermeil, thick about 0. 5~1 millimeter, chelonian lobation is major smooth White sugar small-moutheds jar Slippery, fraction small apophysis, show more grow slightly quadrangular or polygonal, big and scanty, arrange irregular, lobation peak is fine and blunt, fruit the base of a fruit and sutural around lobation peak is fine and pointed, crackle is shallow and remarkable, sutural very not apparent; Fruit shoulder is made the same score at the same time, at the same time a bit inclined, very perfectly round or fruit is blunt, fruit upright diameter 3 millimeter, diameter of fruit the base of a fruit 4 millimeter, kind the power is greater, yellow, grow 6 millimeter, wide 9 millimeter, qualitative hard; Pulp is ivory, thick 1. 1 centimeter, fleshy qualitative bright is fragile, little juice, flavour Qing Dynasty is sweet, contain close ingredient, 71 what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh. 6 % , it is normal to contain seed of 18.9%; of content of solubility solid form to have growth, also have degrade, the seed with normal growth is long elliptic, long 1. 5 centimeters, 1 centimeter wide. (2) force of plant configuration tree is moderate, hemicycle of crown of a tree, 50 years of unripe trees are tall 3. 5 meters, coronal 6 meters, trunk week diameter 1. 14 meters, bark is black Brown, limb relatively open business. Flocculus 2~4 is right, more for opposite also each other is born, elliptic or egg circle or long elliptic, the leaf is thin, xie Se is weaker, long 5. 5~10. 4 centimeters, wide 2. 3~4. 8 centimeters, tip weak point is pointed, jibuduo shows wedge. Inflorescence is about 25 centimeters long. (3) biologic character is in Zhan Jiang area the first ten days of a month blossommed in Feburary, fructification of the last ten-day of a month is mature in May. This breed brings Guangzhou zone plant, autumn remit to June the middle ten days of a month, with imperial concubine laugh breed matures at the same time almost, its precocity character cannot get play. Accordingly this breed is in the area just can fill another name for Guangdong Province on the west cent produces its commodity advantage. The fat water condition with this breed higher demand, be able to bear or endure fat, demand earth layer is deep fertile soil. Childhood tree figuration is slower, but produce grown tree high yield, firmly, it is the admirable variety that early litchi produces an area to be able to develop energetically. When nursery stock engraft is progenitive, have do not kiss and phenomenon, want to notice to select suitable stock. Fruit grower is commonly used layering (circle branch) progenitive. (4) breed evaluates precocity. Pulp bright is fragile, flavour Qing Dynasty is sweet, quality is good, high yield sex is strong. Can breed in great quantities development.
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