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White dried meat (original name: Bai Lazi)
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Bai Laming says to see at the beginning of Qing Dynasty king person auspiciouses " north puts in annals 's charge " , help advance somebody's career the history is long, but each district place says " Bai Lazi " not consistent, homonym is much. What this breed shows Guangzhou environs place is produced is white dried meat, see only fragmentary help advance somebody's career. (1) form of fructification character core, medium big, vertical diameter 3. 5 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3. 3 ~ 3. 7 centimeters, average sheet is weighed if really 25. 2 grams; Peel is reddish the belt is yellow dried meat color, thick and fragile, chelonian lobation is flowing, size is differ, irregular arrange, lobation peak is only and few and far between Mao Jian, crackle is not apparent, sutural not quite apparent; Fruit shoulder is smoother, fruit is very perfectly round; Pulp is qualitative soft slip, smell is sweet, juicily, thick 1. 3 centimeters, 70 what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh. 2% , contain substance of solubility solid form 16% ; The seed is big, long 1. 4 centimeters, wide 0. 8 centimeters. (2) plant configuration " plant unripe force is general, form of hemisphere of crown of a tree, 40 vivacious trees are tall 6. 7 meters, about 9. 5 meters, trunk week diameter 1. 1 meter, branch is harder, flocculus 3 ~ 4 pairs, with the 4 person that be opposite more, opposite, long wrap around needle form, grow 9 ~ 20 centimeters, wide 2. 5 ~ 4.5 centimeters, tip feel ashamed is pointed. General inflorescence is longer. (3) biologic character is in Fosan medium in Feburary, the last ten-day of a month comes the last ten-day of a month blossommed in March, florescence makes an appointment with many days 30. Fruit of the first ten days of a month is ripe in June. Do not be able to bear or endure cold winter lamina often is shown flaxen. (4) gust of breed evaluation character is medium, pulp of Dan Jindi ministry takes acerbity taste a bit. In ripe, make an appointment with relatively Shui Dongchi ripe a week. Crop is inferior.

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