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Imperial concubine laugh
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Imperial concubine laugh (the name falls pouch of pond cattail, jade) be admirable early in ripe breed, gains is bigger, average sheet weighs 30 grams if really, the seed defeats Yo, can feed rate amount to 79.4, 82.5% , content of solubility solid form 18, 19% , the quantity that contain acid 0.28, pulp is delicate more Imperial concubine laugh Juice, quality is good. Peel is collected when chromatic 1/2 close, cuisine is better, it is beyond the mark to be like gust of maturity criterion pulp drops. Accordingly, the peel color of commodity fruit owes beautiful, not quite bright red, and be able to bear or endure Tibetan sex is poorer, it is the defect of this breed. The biologic character that in recent years Guangdong province laughs at to imperial concubine and help advance somebody's career the technology studies the respect obtained greater progress. Be considered as a flower by people from in the past and do not realize the low yield breed with serious elephant to become to suit close planting to help advance somebody's career, obtain the variety that produces high yield, firmly more easily, large already area develops.

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