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Fast city is entered act according to
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Original name: Into act according to a few distributinging that press down each village at river of Cao of fast state city appoint, have 2000 of above help advance somebody's career the history, report also has in vain fragmentary distributing. (1) intimate circle of fructification character fruit or egg circle, medium big, vertical diameter 33. 9 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3. 3~3. 4 centimeters, average sheet is weighed if really 21. 9 grams; Peel is damask, thick about 1. 2 millimeter, qualitative softness, chelonian lobation is lacteal apophysis, place among them have small chelonian lobe of a leave, lobation peak tiny tip, the feeling of aculeate hand, crackle is remarkable, sutural not apparent; One of fruit small apophysis of shoulder and sutural joint, very perfectly round or fruit is blunt, fruit upright diameter 2 millimeter, diameter of fruit the base of a fruit 3. 9 millimeter, kind the authority is wider, long 6. 3 fine long hair are long, 1 centimeter wide; Pulp is ivory, thick 0. 3~1. 0 centimeters, the flesh is qualitative rare slip, juicily, flavour is a bit weak, 69 what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh. 1% , contain substance of solubility solid form 16% , vitamin third is contained in 100 milliliter fruit juice 30. 8 milligram, acerbity 0. 16 grams; The seed is big, full, long 2. 3 centimeters, wide 1. 6 centimeters, be born on average 2. 9 kilogram. (2) unripe force of plant configuration plant is general, form of hemisphere of crown of a tree, make an appointment with 150~200 year unripe tree makes an appointment with 12 meters high, coronal 12 meters, trunk week diameter 4. 75 meters, bark is black Brown, branch is scanty and fragile, flocculus 3 pairs, elliptical shape wraps around needle form, about 10 centimeters long, about 3 centimeters wide, tip gradually pointed. Inflorescence is long make an appointment with 17~26 centimeter. (3) biologic content sex in Zhan Jiang the last ten-day of a month blossommed in March, fruit of the middle ten days of a month is ripe in June. Fight wind-force weaker, the result becomes a ball, long and flagging, result of general fruit spic makes an appointment with 500~700 gram again. (4) breed is evaluated relatively high yield. But skin Baobunai lay aside, only day of 3~4 of can little store, tone is moderate.

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