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Report for nothing dried meat (renown white wax child)
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White dried meat (renown white wax child) original name: Report for nothing dried meat the report that basically originates in luxuriant name city is white, tall city and other places, among them with next electric Aries horn, Dong, forest head garrison post helps advance somebody's career more, help advance somebody's career the history has 200~300 year. White dried meat (renown white wax child) (1) form of close heart of fructification character fruit or egg circle, fruit is medium big, vertical diameter 3. 6 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3. 5 centimeters, average sheet is weighed if really 24. 1 gram, can feed rate 72% the left and right sides, content of solubility solid form 18.6% , the quantity that contain acid 0.12% , the flesh is qualitative delicate, quality is good, peel is vermeil, take purple a bit, thin and soft, chelonian lobation is raised, make the same score clip to have lobe of a leave of a few small chelonian among them, lobation peak is more blunt, only partial split peak is acute needle, crackle is apparent, sutural apparent also, gules; Fruit shoulder is smooth, but at the same time small inclined, fruit is very blunt, fruit upright diameter 3 millimeter, diameter of fruit the base of a fruit 5 millimeter, kind the power is great, grow 9 millimeter, wide 6 millimeter; Pulp is white dried meat color, thick 1 centimeter, qualitative bright, juicily, qing Dynasty is sweet, 72% what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh, contain substance of solubility solid form 19. 1~20. 0% ; The seed is long elliptic, general seed is big, also discover individual sheet individual plant is major the seed is small, the seed is 1 centimeter long, wide 0. 7 centimeters. Rate is higher as a result. (2) hemicycle of plant configuration crown of a tree, 200~300 year rice of unripe tree tall 6~7, bark is cinnamon. Flocculus 3 pairs, opposite or each other are unripe, wrap around needle form, the leaf carries powdery white on the back, face of blade provides burnish, long 10. 5 centimeters, wide 3. 5 centimeters, blunt or tip is short pointed. (3) this breed gives birth to biologic character the way corp is growing is stronger, high yield, but produce not quite firmly, come at lunar the last ten-day of a month in fructification of Zhan Jiang city the first ten days of a month is mature in June. Phenomenon of result of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days is more apparent. (4) breed evaluation precocity, high yield, it is early in planting more high grade, small-mouthed jar than white sugar late ripe a week. Its are ripe period redder than March latish, than Hei Xie earlier, adjustable market is supplied. It is one of breed with at present more amount of exit of our country litchi. White wax breed has different strain and admirable sheet trunk of a tree, if report issues this locality white wax of the hole in vain, of fast city burgeoning, luxuriant south the big fruit white wax of the area.
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