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Sweet cliff
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Sweet cliff distributings at Guangzhou environs one belt reachs Luo Gang add and other places of city, Baoan, the amount is very not much. Tree age has the person that amount to hundred years above, nanhai, time the county annals such as Yu has account. (1) intimate circle of fructification character fruit, medium big, vertical diameter 3. 2 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3. 1~3. 3 centimeters, average sheet is weighed if really 20. 9 grams, peel wine, thick and fragile, chelonian lobation is flowing, it is long turtleback form more, arrange more orderly, lobation peak is flowing, crackle is shallow, sutural apparent; Fruit shoulder is smoother, fruit is very perfectly round, fruit stalk slim and fragile, diameter 2 millimeter, diameter of fruit the base of a fruit 4 millimeter, kind the authority is clear; Pulp is thick 0. 8 centimeters, ivory, the flesh is qualitative soft slip, flavour Qing Dynasty is sweet, juicily, contain scent, the cool larynx that feed, feed more not be bored with, 71 what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh. 9% , contain 17~19% of content of solubility solid form, vitamin third is contained in 100 milliliter fruit juice 29. 04~30. 27 milligram, acerbity 0. 23 grams; The seed is big, elliptic, full, vertical diameter 2. 2 centimeters, horizontal diameter 1. 5 centimeters, cinnamon. (2) plant configuration plant is lofty, hemicycle of crown of a tree, 200 years of unripe trees are 16 meters tall, coronal 11 meters, trunk week diameter 1. 9 meters, bark dust-colour, thick and slippery, branch is scanty, long and thin summary prolapse. Flocculus 2~4 is right, each other is born or opposite, elliptic, long 9~11 centimeter, wide 3~4 centimeter, tip weak point is pointed, inflorescence grows 17~20 centimeter, beautiful branch is fine. (3) biologic character is in Guangzhou urban district the first ten days of a month blossommed in April, fruit of medium in June, the last ten-day of a month is ripe, yield is high. Be able to bear or endure drought is able to bear or endure barren, the seed is gemmiparous force is powerful. Grow fast, make stock aptly. (4) Qing Dynasty of breed evaluation flavour is sweet, the cool larynx that feed, feed more not be bored with. Yield is high. Be able to bear or endure drought is able to bear or endure barren sex is strong, a mountainous area can breed promotion.

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