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Round branch (renown water east)
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Alias: Water east Hei Xie (Guangzhou) , yuan branch (Zhongshan) water east for nearly more than 10 years most get one of farmhouse gay variety. Help advance somebody's career in Guangzhou outskirts the large tree that has centenary above, but did not see in the past at document account. Distributing to wait at Guangzhou environs, Zhongshan, new meeting. (1) form of crooked heart of fructification character fruit, medium big, vertical diameter 3. 0~3. 4 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3. 4~3. 7 centimeters, average sheet makes an appointment with 25 grams again if really; Peel wine, thin and soft, chelonian lobation is big and flowing, submit turtleback form, arrange well-regulated chelonian lobation in the center of small sunken, the grain shape hair that has iota is pointed, distributing at the center of every chelonian lobation, only fruit coping has peak of a few lobation, crackle is apparent, sutural not apparent; Fruit Round branch (renown water east) Shoulder at the same time tall, at the same time low, crooked shoulder, fruit is very blunt, fruit upright diameter 2. 5~3. 0 millimeter, millimeter of 4~5 of diameter of fruit the base of a fruit, kind the authority is clear; Pulp is ivory, thick 1. 2 centimeters, the flesh is qualitative soft slip, juicily, smell is sweet the band is small sweet, 72% what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh, contain 16~17 of content of solubility solid form. 1% , vitamin third is contained in 100 milliliter fruit juice 58. 52 milligram, acerbity 0. 26 grams; The seed is long elliptic, long 2. 0~2. 4 centimeters, wide 1. 2~1. 6 centimeters, black Brown. (2) plant configuration plant is short unripe, crown of a tree opens business and scattered, 30 years unripe tree makes an appointment with 5 meters high, coronal 6 meters, trunk week diameter 70 centimeters, bark dust-colour, flowing, branch is scanty and long, summary prolapse. Flocculus 3~4 is right, it is opposite more, wrap around needle form or long wrap around needle form, long 9~13 centimeter, wide 2. 5~4. 0 centimeters, special needle grows tip, mesophyll is thin, advocate arteries and veins is apparent, side arteries and veins also shows, xie Se is deep green and the belt is pitch-black. Inflorescence is particularly long, beautiful branch is long and brawny. (3) biologic character reachs Zhongshan county in Guangzhou environs area the first ten days of a month came in Feburary the first ten days of a month blossommed in March, florescence is about 30 days long. The last ten-day of a month came in May fruit of the first ten days of a month is ripe in June. Crop is stabler, general plant all can annual result, 10 old and junior enter Cheng Guo period, be able to bear or endure wet sex is strong, help advance somebody's career in close water district, it is better to grow, suit to cultivate in river side, pond edge. But when close fruit is ripe, if encounter,rain continuous, peel darkly color and have white mold, in be shadedby foilage not ventilated place happens more. (4) breed evaluates precocity, go up in character, but it is better to produce a gender the high yield of breed, firmly as a result of this, get the attention of cultivator, especially another name for Guangdong Province east the benefit of the area comes county, the performance of high yield character of round branch is outstanding. Appropriate breed is popularized.
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