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Shang Zhi (original name: A high official in ancient China is conceived)
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Shang Zhi is planted for Guangdong name one of, " chart of the litchi austral mountain " already had account, basically distributing now at Guangzhou environs. (1) fructification character fruit circle of small, egg or intimate circle or intimate circle and the belt is flat, vertical diameter 3. 1 centimeter, horizontal diameter 2. 7~2. 8 centimeters, odd fruit is heavy 16. 8 grams; Peel is cardinal, thin and fragile, chelonian lobation small apophysis and big, lobation peak blunt or few and far between tiny tip, crackle is apparent, sutural apparent; Fruit shoulder is smooth, fruit is very perfectly round, fruit upright diameter 2 millimeter, diameter of fruit the base of a fruit 3 millimeter, kind the authority is clear; Pulp is ivory, thick 0. 5~0. 8 centimeters, the flesh is qualitative soft slip, juicily, smell is sweet the band is small sweet, ministry of close fruit the base of a fruit takes acerbity taste a bit, 72 what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh. 8~77% , contain 19~20% of content of solubility solid form, vitamin third is contained in 100 milliliter fruit juice 48. 6~53. 7 millimeter, acerbity 0. 26 grams; The seed is major anxious nucleus, long 1. 1 centimeter, wide 0. 8 centimeters, weigh on average 0. 6 grams. (2) semicircle of plant configuration crown of a tree is globose, 17 years of unripe trees are tall 4. 5 meters, coronal about 5. 8 meters, trunk week diameter 92 centimeters. Bark dust-colour, smooth and have white dizzy grain, branch is soft and scantier. Flocculus 2~3 is right, opposite, long elliptic, xie Nong green, luster, long 6~11 centimeter, wide 3~4 centimeter, tip gradually pointed, advocate arteries and veins is apparent. Inflorescence is longer, about 30 centimeters, spend branch slim and fragile, distributing scantier. (3) biologic character is in Guangzhou city suburban district the middle ten days of a month blossommed in April, florescence makes an appointment with 25~30 day. The last ten-day of a month came in June fruit of the middle ten days of a month is ripe in July. Be able to bear or endure wet, be able to bear or endure drought, fight go against a gender strong. Fruit rate is high, grow fast, crop is stabler. It is late ripe breed. (4) breed evaluation quality is better, produce firmly, phenomenon of old a lunar year in which the last month has 29 days is apparent without Ci of polished glutinous rice. Little pork double fruit can appear when florescence encounters north wind, appropriate breed is popularized.

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