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Litchi green lasts the technology seeks cooperation
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Project domain: Agriculture - litchi lasts patent name: Date of bright litchi bright patent: ZL 02 3 54665. Characteristic of 4 projects technology: "Xian Lizhi is bright " the recipe does not use chemical, do not use chemical complex pigment and antiseptic to wait. Recipe of product raw material all is used avirulent kill pure natural raw material without cent, recover pure natural and organic part through physical method. Classics " Xian Lizhi is bright " last after processing, experimental temperature (room temperature 26~3 3 degrees) deposit 2~3 nature serviceability rate 100% (satisfy at producing a division market of medium, short distance is sold) ; 4~6 nature serviceability rate makes an appointment with 25~70% ; Refrigerant deposit 100% serviceability rate to make an appointment with 4~10 day (the biggest advantage is the fructification after classics is refrigerant what keep original in a paragraph of when take out longer time is bright-coloured, do not blacken instantly, preserve Xian Guo's original delicacy, sweet, sweet taste. Satisfy at producing a division sale of market of medium, short distance and line-haul) . Last although time gets variety, adopt the requirement such as injury of the processing time after closing, insect pest, peel, temperature and humidity the impact is very big, but with the difference that use and does not use bright litchi delicacy to undertake handling bigger. (see litchi lasts the experiment observes a collection of illustrative plates) . Individual breed (if imperial concubine laughs) in last store the nature in the process is ripe change. Do good Xian Lizhi to collect for you close. Last, carry. Sell a literary works, use convenient price reasonable other people exceeds place to be worth litchi to last lubricious colourful taste is little! Patent technology " litchi lasts " litchi lasts agent, raw material recipe is to use avirulent kill pure natural raw material without cent, recover pure natural and organic part through physical method, the lock decided green to last agent. One, supply " Xian Lizhi is bright " litchi lasts agent sample (last model) . 2, supply " Xian Lizhi is bright " litchi lasts agent (but edible) . Patent technology " Xian Lizhi is bright " litchi lasts agent, raw material recipe is to use avirulent can feed pure natural raw material without social effects of pollution, recover pure natural and organic part through physical method. The lock decided technology of green raw material, green, green to last product. Make can be fed (drinkable) sexual product and litchi last the product is ideal union. Infinite business chance. 3, clinch a deal means: 1, patent technology is made over. 2, patent technology is used. 3, patent technology uses become a shareholder 4, the price explains: 1, pay. 2, pay deduct a percentage from a sum of money. 3, pay in process of production of raw material of partner share out bonus, give this lasting besides production outside the product, the by-product that produces at the same time producible 2 - product of 3 kinds of high additional costs (be like matrix of sanitarian medicines and chemical reagents) . "Xian Lizhi is bright " last agent and other and congener product are comparative: Do not use antibiotic, chemical, antiseptic to wait. Bottle of commonly used ice adds bubble case refrigerant store after the fructification of carry is taken out, blacken instantly, lose the bright-coloured colour and lustre with original litchi and the identity drops greatly. Product " Xian Lizhi is bright " use pure natural and organic composition to undertake lasting handling to Xian Lizhi, last with existing use chemistry having substantially distinction. Applied extensive surrounds: 1 . Xian Lizhi is collected after closing to choose, undertake lasting handling. 2. To be being handled without lasting, morrow carries the Xian Lizhi of terminal market undertakes lasting handling. 3. The pretreatment before refrigerated transport. Pre-treatment of the goods shelves on 4 fresh fruit. Use method: 1. 5-10 immerses after will former fluid is attenuant minute (or longer) hind scoop moment to pack. 2. Gush drenchs. Market prospect: Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Guizhou is the big province that our country litchi helps advance somebody's career, guangdong province grows an area (basis 1995 statistical data) achieve 2.94 million mus, make an appointment with 2 million mus according to saying Guangdong saved fast state city to grow an area 2002. From this estimation, litchi of our country southern region grows an area about 1500 - 23 million mus, it is the industry of one big pillar of our country southern agriculture, litchi cultivates an area to still be in rapid growth. But because litchi is solid harvest season is short, fructification color flavour is delicate, one day changes, 3 days change completely, last difficulty is great, to close, put, carry, annul brought huge pressure. Because litchi lasts,the technology still is not very mature, use the physical method, method such as chemical processing to also exist severally normally the place of a few inadequacy. Accordingly, the market prospect that litchi lasts is tremendous, especially litchi lasts as avirulent last without green of social effects of pollution the market prospect of the agent is bigger. Benefit analysis: 1 . From the point of social benefit, because show some lasting,the technology all exists from already limitation, although used a lot of lasting the method is complementary, still bring about the ten million on and other places of Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Guizhou this year mu litchi increase production is not added close, increase fructification farming damage, last medical incomplete, cannot cross standard of Euramerican product quality to close. The fruit grower that gives impoverished area and country cause huge loss. Accordingly, "Xian Lizhi is bright " as avirulent last without green of social effects of pollution the agent enters litchi to last the market, offerred effective technical safety to assure to make sure the health of our country consumer is consumed, also making door going abroad for our country litchi was to raise a bit idea undoubtedly. The taxation that also is the income that increases fruit grower and country at the same time brings tremendous benefit. 2. Recipe raw material basically comes from another produce, because this drove the benign manufacturing cycle of produce, take off deficient for a mountainous area farmer much become rich road. 3, from the point of economic benefits, "Xian Lizhi is bright " litchi lasts patent is to be aimed at real yield of on 10 million mus of litchi to install, sell the share toward Euramerican market especially of admirable breed avirulent last without social effects of pollution have the market more. Took care of the interest that producing area sells to radiate of area of medium, short distance already, also considered to sell the issue such as the trade supervision of abroad. Can offer last agent sample try out, welcome to contact! Contact an address: Highway of beautiful the vicinity outside of a city gate of Guangxi Nanning town 16 B area 9 A805 date zip code: 530001 phones: Contact of 0771 -2145283 3930907: Farming Qing Ping
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