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Flesh of litchi of braise in soy sauce
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Material: Litchi 250 grams, wring the flesh 200 grams, green beautiful dish 1, horse's hoof 50 grams. Flavoring: (1) saline 1/4 teaspoon, white peppery a few, egg white half, too whitening 1 teaspoon   (2) oyster sauce 2 big spoon, ketchup 1 teaspoon. (3) a few of candy 1/2 teaspoon, white pepper, soup-stock half cups. (4) too whitening teaspoon of 1 teaspoon, sesame oil 1/2. Course of action:1, litchi hull, seed, touch is applied inside pulp too whitening. 2, horse's hoof is abluent, pat broken join chop wring the flesh and flavoring (1) mix divide evenly. 3, will mix a place of strategic importance wringing the flesh of divide evenly enters litchi in, touch outside too whitening, buy enters steam box with conflagration evaporate 4 minutes. 4, green beautiful dish is abluent cut small, add a few salt to iron ripe back row into boiled water dish. 5, fry boiler to enter oil 1 big spoon, fry sweet flavoring first (2) , reentry flavoring (3) reach litchi flesh with small baked wheaten cake 2 minutes, the juice that need boiling water closes quickly when working, aether whitening ticks off Gorgon euryale, drench on sesame oil can.

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