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Electric white litchi is begged buy information
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Information of high grade litchi begs the Bai Cheng that buy electricity to produce litchi, here person soil is rich, li civilian diligent, it is home connects a litchi the earliest to cultivate one of base. Here has hundred years to often cultivate fruit full branch, 10 lis wave sweet connect a litchi hill. Have here first precocity of flavour of have a taste of what is just in season is red in March, imperial concubine of bear in mind constantly making a person laughs, if sweet white sugar small-moutheds jar,have Qingtian, and the hope that the Bai Lahe black Xie Ji with the biggest crop is us, bring joyance for us, also bring for us disconsolate. This annual moment, we are anxious for that market problem, consider fruit, our litchi is the great stature that gave a name, talk flavour, here most having notting been, but why to always sell give good price? A the mainest reason, it is wine sweet slant encounter alley child deep, not be traffic issue, our traffic is very convenient, the car that ships litchi can arrive directly at fruit forest almost any place, we have the good convention of warm hospitality, be guarded like a day of ground because of a few years however and arrange is worn orchard, and oversight with the outside good news is communicated. We know eventually, a timely information may help us whacker is busy, the hope can pass this one information that the Internet that is infinitely resourceful allegedly and we publish, can bring a help to us, solve our market problem, be obliged. Our connection address: Guangdong province report is white north of garrison post of prefectural forest head instructs abbacy postcode: 525400 contact: Phone of Li Youliang: 0668-5260375 mobile phone: 13809788375

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