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The after collecting clip of litchi
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Litchi is collected after closing, answer to have crop in time, ability makes Qiu Sao is in proper place is to smoke unripe. Accordingly, litchi collects fruit around to apply fertilizer of quick result sex, after making tree situation restores, can undertake overall crop works. The purpose of clip is to make branch tip distributings even, ventilated breathe freely, stimulative new tip is orderly bud. The collects fruit hind to seeming result branch of clip, the flower does not have branch of fruit-bearing shoot, too close branch, flagging branch, jackknife across branch, ill bug, delicate branch, deadwood and the Yin Zhi that did not use value. The crown of a tree after clip should have 1 at least, 2 lamina (withhold 2 pairs of compound leaf) , tree form with wave type semicircle model better. The method of clip basically has time shrink clip (or call short cut clip) and scanty cut (scanty have been to mix closely invalid branch) . Time shrink clip besides updating clip, it is right commonly on year knot fruiter has short section, clip quantity inspects density of different breed, grow and branch tip to lose by force affirmatory, but the requirement according to crown of a tree of education high yield, but avoid is in different position clip, cut more commonly go up of year of result mother branch in bottom, can cut when necessary to 2, 3 years of unripe branches, the principle is flourishing tree is cut again, weak tree is cut gently, scanty cutting is deadwood of branch of opposite close branch, alternate jackknife branch, ill bug, delicate branch, Yin Zhi from branch base the ministry is cut off, be helpful for nutrient supplying the branch that keep centrally. Appropriate of tree of childhood result tree, result of black prime of life is used time shrink clip and scanty cut photograph tie; Grown tree, old age is cultivated or weak tree basically is used scanty cut give priority to. Clip ends clear branches and leaves, center burn down, reduce ill bug source. Should notice when clip (1) appropriate arrives from interior of crown of a tree exterior, cultivate rod greatly, periphery of the crown of a tree after avoiding to cut is local arrive exterior and vacant big; (2) the tool of clip wants sharp, rod is cut with the branch, big branch can use saw, cut a mouth to want flowing and do not keep incomplete branch, lest withered after rotting, ill bug is invaded; (3) clip asks to collecting fruit hind 15 days or so to finish commonly; (4) did not hang a fruiter in those days, clip can carry ongoing travel.

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