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Laugh at a branch (original name: Imperial concubine laugh)
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Laugh at branch original name: Imperial concubine laughs at alias: Fall pond cattail (suitable heart) laugh at a branch to be one of Guangdong's famous litchi breed, help advance somebody's career the history is long, a few fragmentary distributing in environs of Zhongshan, Guangzhou, from change, add and other places of city, Dongguan, Nanhai, suitable heart, fast city. (1) fructification character fruit is big, intimate circle or egg circle, vertical diameter 4. 0 centimeters, horizontal diameter 3. 8~4. 0 centimeters, average sheet weighs 30 grams if really, fruit body is neat; Peel is damask, the skin is thin, chelonian lobation is raised, size not Xue Huaizi One, lobation peak is close, acute is pointed and thorn hand, crackle is fine and apparent, sutural very not apparent; Fruit shoulder at the same time tall, be made the same score at the same time and broad, very perfectly round or fruit is blunt, fruit upright diameter 3 millimeter, diameter of fruit the base of a fruit 4 millimeter; Pulp is ivory, thick 1. 0~1. 5 centimeters, juicily, bright is sweet have sweet smell, 79 what can feed a part to occupy complete fruit to weigh. 4~82. 5% , contain substance of solubility solid form 18. 4~19% , vitamin third is contained in 100 milliliter fruit juice 46. 20~60. 28 milligram, acerbity 0. 23~0. 35 grams; The seed opens egg body, much not full, long 2. 2 centimeters, wide 1. 1 centimeter, weigh on average 1. 4 grams. (2) unripe influence of plant configuration plant is strong flourishing, crown of a tree is scattered, 50 years unripe tree makes an appointment with 6 meters high, coronal about 9. 5 meters, trunk week diameter 1. 7 meters, bark dust-colour, flowing, branch is thick hard. Flocculus 3~4 is right, it is opposite more, form of shot of chief elliptical written complaint or wrap around needle form or wrap around needle form, blade is bigger, long 10~16 centimeter, tip gradually pointed. Inflorescence is long about 13. 5~32 centimeter, beautiful branch is long and thin. (3) biologic character is in Guangzhou city the middle ten days of a month came in March the last ten-day of a month blossommed in April, florescence makes an appointment with 35 days. Went up in June, fruit of the middle ten days of a month is ripe. Be able to bear or endure fat, in water fertilizer ample area grows good. (4) breed evaluation fruit is big, the flesh is thick, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, the nucleus is small, bright is sweet, character cuisine is good, most appropriate delicacy is fed. But yield is low, relatively offend bug. Water fat condition relatively area, but right amount development.

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