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Xue Huaizi
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Basically distributing in add city and Guangzhou environs, it is the late-mature variety that has development perspective. (1) fructification character fruit is big, crooked heart form, vertical diameter 3.3~3.6 centimeter, horizontal diameter 3.1~3.7 centimeter, average sheet makes an appointment with 26 grams again if really; Content of solubility solid form 16, 17% , the quantity that contain acid 0.23% , can feed rate 70, 76% , tone is moderate. Peel is shallow red tape small yellow, leather Bao Yi pares, chelonian lobation is big and a bit apophysis, small alarm of close fruit shoulder, at the same time tall at the same time low, fruit is very perfectly round, millimeter of 1.5~2 of fruit upright diameter, millimeter of 3.5~4 of diameter of fruit the base of a fruit, kind the authority is clear; Pulp is white dried meat color, thick 0.8~1 centimeter, fleshy qualitative bright is sweet, but have a few broken bits, juice is medium, 100 Bo rise vitamin third is contained in fruit juice 29.04 milligram, acerbity 0.18 grams; Seminal great majority is full, general long 2~2.3 centimeter, wide 1.3~1.9 centimeter, weigh 2 grams on average. Xue Huaizi (2) unripe influence of plant configuration plant is strong flourishing, form of hemisphere of crown of a tree, nearly hundred years unripe tree is 6 meters tall, coronal 12 meters, trunk week diameter 1.28 meters, bark dust-colour, branch is fragile. Flocculus 2~3 is right, opposite is much, there is each other to grow between, chief elliptical written complaint wraps around needle form or wrap around needle form, long 7~11 centimeter, broad 2.5~3.5 centimeter, tip gradually pointed, inflorescence grows 15~20 centimeter. (3) after Ci of honest polished glutinous rice, Huai Zhicai receives biologic character fruit the last ten-day of a month is mature in July. In Guangzhou environs area Luo Gang is reached add a city to went up in July, fruit of the middle ten days of a month is ripe. Fruit rate is higher. (4) breed evaluates this breed unripe the way corp is growing is stronger, requirement of fat to water requirement is lax. Late ripe (late Yu Huaizhi) , high yield, the flesh bears fruit character, smell is sweet, but big drupe is a bit much, appropriate breed is popularized. Because its are late ripe sex, cannot collect prematurely close, fragmentary because manage inconvenience,help advance somebody's career, often in advance is collected close and cannot develop its breed character, because this must be executed piece cultivate, undertake unity administrative according to breed character, in order to maintain quality.

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