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The branch when fact of litchi cause and effect is mature loses and the base of a fruit originallies, cannot pick take, can use Dao Lianzhi to cut only, friend name litchi. Litchi because form quality is transcendental and precious of flavour of beautiful colourful, qualitative charming, superior and be doted on by the ancients, praise is fruit of terrestrial celestial being, Buddha fruit. Litchi sort is various, if red in March, bay tree is green, coagulate ice child wait with Ci of polished glutinous rice, mountain of our country the Qin Dynasty with south have plant more. The dextrose in litchi flesh is as high as 66 % , still contain a variety of protein, vitamins, organic acid, pectic reach larger dissociate the nutrient composition such as amino acid. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, litchi taste is sour, the gender is smooth slant lukewarm, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, filling gas raises blood, regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it acetanilide wait for function. Especially the empty of ill rear body, inadequacy that enrage blood, gastral cavity bilges inadequacy of shade of painful, stomach and thirsty pharynx do the dietotherapy beautiful that waits for disease to taste, have magical Medical Protection effect. Folk is multi-purpose litchi makes medical cure cordial, " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in concerned Yu Lizhi " promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, understand color of person of god, beneficial wisdom, be good at gas, beneficial " the account that waits for effect. Litchi nucleus traditional Chinese medical science is clinical go up commonly used to come loose sluggish dispel Wen Han, the blood in travel blood, because cold and those who send is hernial,treat the disease such as disease or gastralgia. Litchi carapace still can wipe woman blood collapse and children are pocky. The dietotherapy method of litchi is very much: Children has litchi to do 10 everyday, can treat enuresis; Simmer in water of each 7 water takes litchi dried fruit, big jujube, daily 1 agent can treat woman anaemia; The stomach is cold abdominal distension, xian Lizhi 30 ~ 60 grams, brown sugar attune is added to take after water simmer in water, have distinct curative effect. Too numerous to mention one by one of litchi dietotherapy prescription, it is truly taste absolutely in fruit. Although litchi is good, but cannot feed more, otherwise the person can feel sick, limply, still can appear badly giddy, insensible wait for hypoglycemia symptom, common says " litchi is ill " , with drinkable litchi beverage is beautiful when edible. Song Chao is famous writer Su Dongpo, ever had to litchi " day eat litchi 300, this grows the person austral mountain " recognition. Be confined to the level of science and technology at that time, can feed litchi in order to be born to give priority to only, have gourmet's luck as contemporary person, treatment of OK and direct drinkable and modern technology makes the litchi drink that make.

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