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Litchi has wine flavour to deteriorate cannot eat
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Litchi price is low this year, make a citizen big full the luck to eat sth delicious. This morning, the personage inside fruit industry not the gentleman tells a reporter, because litchi is,not be able to bear or endure deposit fruit, a few pedlar to reduce a loss, the litchi low undersell of keep long in stock. When consumer is buying litchi, want to choose carefully, do not want anxious to get things on the cheap. Feel and outward appearance should notice when choosing litchi. Hold with 3 finger if really, if fruit hard surface is solid, make a living if really; Bouncy like softness, it is mature feature; Soft and without flexibility, mature and excessive, be about to deteriorate. The dark speckle with peel occurrence too deep color piece, criterion litchi interior has deteriorated likely, this kind of litchi wants careful buy. Peel becomes angry, desiccate, explain deposit time is too long, character drops. If wine flavour, pulp appears ivory garrulous shape or become angry, criterion cannot edible.

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