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Life clew: Eat litchi to must be prevented allergic
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"Day eat litchi 300, not demit often does the person austral mountain " , appear on the market in great quantities as litchi, because flavour is delicious and the price is low, make many citizens have an opportunity when bout " the person austral mountain " . But concerned expert reminds, although litchi is good but also must prevent " allergic " . According to Shijiazhuang city Yo of sea of Cao of director of dermatological department of the first hospital introduces, annual before because take litchi allergy,outpatient service can have many patients, will see a doctor. According to introducing, eat litchi allergy to be able to appear commonly the symptom such as facial wet red, guttural gall, also can appear the tooth bilges drop of pectoral frowsty gastralgia, pee is painful, painful. Have more very person, systemic skin is red, have little red a knot in one's heart, strange urticant bear hard. These semiotic customarily are called " litchi is hypersensitive " . Cao sea Yo reminds, have allergy of cankerous sex colonitis, litchi, hot sex originally constipation and acne, the upper respiratory tract is affected and gall of sore throat, gum, diabetic patient eats litchi to want to comparative careful. As we have learned, to normal person, the possibility that causes disease because of litchi is not large. According to epidemiology investigation, general and successive a week, the talented person that has 2 kilograms of litchi everyday is gotten likely " litchi is ill " , and the person that come on is children more. Accordingly, want citizen edible litchi only not devouringly, should not have hinder greatly. So, how to eat ability to avoid litchi " cause disease " ? The method of correct edible litchi is: Eat litchi around to drink bit of brine, cool tea or gram boiling water appropriately, can prevent " empty fire " . Or immerge of fresh litchi flay in weak brine, put the edible after Li Bing glacial ark, can prevent not only " empty fire " , still have wake the effect of lienal disappear sluggish. Additional, water of litchi carapace decoct is drunk, still can solve litchi heat. Adult eats litchi not to exceed 300 grams commonly everyday, children does not exceed 5. Not hollow eat litchi, had better be in hour of meal second half again edible.

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