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Impart to you the hang of litchi of choose and buy
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Fresh litchi should colour and lustre is bright-coloured, big even, leather thin flesh is thick, qualitative tender juicily, smell is sweet, be full of aroma. When choosing can in preexistence hand hold gently, the feel of good litchi should be sent close and bouncy. Look from appearance, the color of fresh litchi is general very won't bright-coloured. If litchi head compares a needle, and on skin " hammer " concentrated rate is higher, explain litchi returns insufficient maturity, it is a mature litchi conversely. If the chelonian lobation of litchi crust is evenness, sutural apparent, flavour is met certainly very Gan Tian.   The litchi of different breed also has a characteristic each: Laurel flavour: Fructification is globose, moderate volume, shallow red, housing crisp fritter, acuteness of cuticular chelonian lobation peak pricks a hand, have sweet-scented osmanthus sweet. Ci of polished glutinous rice: Fructification is flat heart form, build is big, vermeil, the surface piece the peak is flowing, fruit shoulder at the same time remarkable apophysis, fleshy thick nucleus is small. Imperial concubine laugh: Gains is bigger, average sheet weighs 30 grams if really, pulp is delicate and juicily. Hei Xie: Fructification submits egg circle or crooked heart form, moderate volume, look is dark red, case is frivolous, chelonian lobation Ping Dun of the surface, and size is even, form regulation, crackle and sutural apparent, stone is bigger. White wax: Fructification is heart form, moderate volume, peel is reddish the belt is yellow dried meat color, thick and fragile, chelonian lobation is flowing, pulp is qualitative soft slip, smell is sweet, juicily.

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