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The choose and buy with dry litchi
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The quality problem that litchi doing exists basically is It is to add sulfureous fume dry, allowance of incomplete of sulfur of the 2 oxidation in causing a product exceeds bid; 2 it is to add leach bubble, moisture exceeds bid, the reserve of dried fruit product that moisture exceeds bid period meeting shortens, and incidental mildew changes. The destination that adds leach bubble is to make litchi weightening finish and pulp bright, sulfureous fuming dry purpose is to do not become moldy. Litchi does finished product quality to askFruit bead is big and even, complete, broken case leads carapace of fruit body dry bright, fruit not to exceed 5 % , pulp is thick, incarnadine and golden, taste Qing Dynasty is sweet, without fireworks flavour, without peculiar smell. The doohickey that litchi of choose and buy does 1. Soon: Color seeing case, have scarlet, amaranthine, palm rosy, brown is red, red etc, with colour and lustre pure and fresh and marked had better. Colour and lustre is red in the qualitative difference with black band; Of mark having water already saccharification or flood tide; Fruit handle is in those who have white spot to change for mildew; Housing quality is gloomy be answer bake goods. If housing face has stoma, there is bit of eat by moth on pulp, already bug eat by moth. Look incarnadine, tape of fleshy qualitative Huang Liang is red, furrow has pledged, the qualitative difference with decline yellow black band. The flesh is qualitative smooth and moist, do not stick a hand show the body works; Stick a hand to show the body is wet. 2. Hear nasally: High grade and fresh litchi doing has faint scent taste, if read taste without Qing Dynasty,be old stock or body tide. 3. The mouth tastes: The flesh is qualitative tender glutinous, the entrance is sweet and of faint scent had pledged. Entrance belt is acrid, work too for bake or answer the result that bake; The flesh has pledged without acidity character, small acerbity quality take second place, quality of the person that acid is weighed second. In addition, still should choose without flavour of broken case, smokeless fire, bead big even, fleshy thick nucleus is small had better.

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