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Those who eat litchi 3 paragraphs flavour
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Eat litchi, have elegant common two laws: Be used to a the base of a fruit commonly up, tear from ministry of the base of a fruit rind, whole entrance, spit a kernel, this is common law. Actually, a pulp has 3 paragraphs of different taste, want to sample with elegant law ability. It is to rind above all, fruit the base of a fruit wants to be down, reach fruit case by the base of a fruit topmost " the embryo combines a line " right oneself, reoccupy controls each 3 point to persistence, from fruit coping small force is squeezed broken, turn over peel both sides dirty. 3 paragraphs of flavour in Li flesh should notice when feeding: Carry paragraph of lubricious Bai Jiwei on the head acerbity, bite piece those who spit; Middle color is like jade, smell is sweet bright slips, annular eclipse its flesh; Close nucleus the base of a fruit is in his flavour is acerbity, had better not feed, avoid influence mouthfeel. Can depend on this law to be able to feed Ci of an imperial concubine laugh, polished glutinous rice, " hang green " the real taste that wait. Comply with its law, can feed as expected give 3 paragraphs of taste. But this law fed 1 / less 4, can you not hesitate? But Confucius says " eat energy of not tire of " . Again from " day eat litchi 300 " think of, this law already may have when Su Shi.

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