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Litchi medicinal food square choose
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(1 ) the neck is scrofulous: Take dry litchi 50 grams, algal 15 grams, yellow rice or millet wine is right amount, water is boiled feed, everyday 1 agent, period of treatment is not restricted. (2) the scrofulous poison that reach malignant boil: ① takes litchi several, pound is like mud, apply affected part, daily 1 second. ② takes litchi to do 5-7, kelp 15 grams, add yellow rice or millet wine right amount, water simmer in water is taken. (3) hiccup: Take litchi 500 grams, burn even housing ash, grind end, attune of warm boiled water is taken. (4) stomach of deficiency of vital energy is cold: Take 5 litchi flesh, the wine that boil 1 cannikin, after number is taken effective. (5) lienal empty have loose bowels: ① takes dry litchi flesh 15 grams, big jujube 3-5, mufti of water simmer in water. ② takes dry litchi flesh 15 grams, hyacinth bean 30 grams, water simmer in water is taken, daily 1. (6) have diarrhoea of old person the five watches of the night: Take litchi to do 5, close spring rice, or drink add yam, lotus seed, the congee that boil eats. (7) woman anaemia, frail: Take litchi dried fruit, big jujube each 7, water simmer in water is taken, daily 1 agent. (8) blood dies: Burn litchi carapace ash to put a sex, grind end, take 6 grams every time, hollow attune takes yellow rice or millet wine. (9) children enuresis: Daily eat litchi to do about 10. (10) diabetic: Xian Lizhi, every solar eclipse 8. (11) haemorrhoid: Litchi 8, cheer saline a few, the evaporate that lie between water is ripe take feed. (12) body odor: Litchi nucleus bakes dry grind end, tone liquor, the inunction is axillary ministry. (13) insomnia: Litchi does 8, daily time is taken. (14) children enuresis: Litchi does 8, daily 1, take 7 days repeatedly. (15) leucorrhoea is overmuch: Litchi does 20, lotus seed 60 grams, add water 250 milliliter, go up basket evaporate is ripe, daily 1.

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