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Fill in relief medicinal liquor
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Aid Yang Yishou wine: Laodang joins 20g, cultivated land 20g, medlar 20g, 15g of sanded Yuan Zi, excessive sheep 15g leavessing of pulse plants, fair clove 15g, 6g of wide agalloch eaglewood of 10g9 of high aspiration flesh, litchi flesh 10, liquor 700ml. Will go up medicine is thick end, the in bags that use thin silk is good into liquor altar, sealed 3 day and night, slow fire boil is used after unsealing hundreds boil, cold hind add. Extract in buy cold water igneous poison, take drink via unsealing after 21 days. Daily warm water 2, every time drink 10 one 12m1. Hollow and drinkable. Originally just liver of filling kidney Zhuang Yang, beneficial raises blood, be good at lienal the effect with stomach, prolong life. Applicable child of be caused by of deficient empty of kidney this world impotent do not lift, seminal emission premature ejaculation; The lumbar genu aching and limp of be caused by of empty of anaemia of liver kidney essence, dizzy, JL, palpitate is flustered, insomnious much dream; The be discouraged of be caused by of taste deficiency of vital energy is lack of power, sallow and emaciated, inappetence, retch hiccup, jalf congealed have loose bowels. The person that can use at senile in relief deficiency of vital energy again, long take but prolong life.

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