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Litchi enters wine to fill cerebral fitness
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Chinese good wine, climb on the ground that the sky flies to can take bubble wine to drink completely, so balsam pear wine has anguine bravery alcoholic drink, litchi is not exceptional also of course. Make litchi wine with litchi place, not only of flavour pole delicious, and can " cure of pestilence of miasma of filling head fitness, cure is swollen, appetizing beneficial is lienal " , can calls Na Yue a special skill. The practice of litchi wine is: Heating antiseptic the yeast that real education joins in the litchi juice after, or join wine cake to make its ferment, alcohol ferments after finishing, filter, change implement, adjust degree, next inside the clean container that infuse classics disinfects sealed, park temperature has old wine inside inferior place or basement, store up more long more beautiful, for wonderful beauty wine. As since Qin Dai be in namely the renown fruit of Na Yue settle, the life be closely bound up of litchi and Cantonese. Not only past dynasties is to go up the popular commodities of tribute emperor, more with " day eat litchi 300, not decline is long do the person austral mountain " , " ride human society imperial concubine to laugh, nobody know is litchi comes " ancient name sentence, and of the person bend town that gets fruit of be addicted to of great river north and south alone bestow favor on.

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