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Children bewares " litchi disease "
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Litchi is delicious, but unfavorable eat more, especially children. Recently, reporter from each paediatrics outpatient service understands large hospital, because devouringly litchi and agnail of mucous membrane of ulcer of occurrence oral cavity, oral cavity, shed nosebleed, inside the child with heavy fire is increasing. Besides, the diarrhoea that causes because of excessive edible litchi and gastric ministry are unwell also increase somewhat. Science considers to make clear, xian Lizhi contains a lot ofnutrient composition, especially vitamin C should part than apple, a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province tower above 6 times, 11 times, and still have higher medical treatment value, can " fill lienal beneficial liver, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, detumescence acetanilide, town coughs raise a heart " , apply to the body the disease such as the frail, inadequacy that enrage blood, gastric shade inadequacy. In the meantime, litchi carapace still can wipe woman blood collapse and children are pocky. But traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also has " a litchi 3 fire " view, "Litchi sex Wei is hot, bright person feed much, namely gum swollen mouth is painful, of ill tine and igneous patient You Ji. " paediatrics director Doctor Wang Xiafang tells hospital of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine the reporter, suffer from chronic tonsil phlogistic the person with sore throat, eat litchi to be able to accentuate instead more " empty fire " ; After the crowd edible Xian Lizhi of a little easy still allergy, meeting occurrence dizziness, disgusting, bellyacke, diarrhoea, rash and Sao are urticant wait for hypersensitive shape, common calls " litchi is ill " . To the child, the fruit such as litchi and mango, longan is same, the child that fire weighs inside had better not have, and normal children has litchi, also had better not exceed 5; To the old person character, the old person that has costive appearance does not want edible as far as possible. Doctor Wang suggests, eating litchi around to drink bit of brine, cool tea or gram boiling water appropriately, can prevent " suffer from excessive internal heat " . Or, OK still a weak brine of immerge of fresh litchi gross is medium, put the edible after Li Bing glacial ark again, such not only won't suffer from excessive internal heat, still can solve sluggish, can increase appetite more.

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