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Xian Lizhi actors or actress the identifying of bad
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  Xian Lizhi's feature: (1) exterior: Peel is fresh, ruddy, fruit handle is fresh not decline. (2) pulp: Fleshy qualitative Bai Run is delicate, pulp is full, transparent, juicily. (3) feel: Point to with the hand small feel close by fructification hard. (4) flavour: Sweet and goluptious. The feature of degenerative litchi: (1) exterior: Peel is black brown or black, the ooze outside juice. (2) pulp: The flesh is qualitative loose, cankered even metamorphism. (3) feel: Small feel loose by fructification. (4) flavour: Have the peculiar smell such as wine flavour, acerbity flavour or acidity.

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