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Eat litchi to beware " litchi is ill
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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks “ litchi sex is lukewarm, flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability person careful take ” , namely litchi belongs to lukewarm sex food, eat ” of easy “ get angry more, folk has “ a litchi of 3 fire ” say. In recent years consider to make clear, litchi is had fall the action of blood sugar, a large number of taking food can cause hypoglycemia, light person tired and diarrhoea of giddy and disgusting, bellyacke, faint, complexion cadaverous, skin is wet cold wait for a symptom, be addicted to of the person that weigh sleeps insensible, convulsive, limb breaks down, arrhythmia, blood pressure drops, endanger life even. Because its hair cause of disease basically is hollow eat many litchi, cause paroxysmal hypoglycemia be caused by, ill ” of litchi of the “ that be called, see for how with children.

Additional, still have individual person allergic to litchi, meeting occurrence rash, Sao is urticant the symptom that waits for irritability dermatitis.

The method of correct edible litchi: 1. Immerse adequately to last with what wash litchi carapace face agent and pesticide; 2. Daily eat litchi not to exceed 300 grams commonly; 3. Not hollow eat litchi, had better be in hour of meal second half again edible; 4. The person that allergic to litchi, diabetic reachs flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability wants abstinence or careful feed; 5. Right amount take gram boiling water or green tea water in order to reduce the symptom of ” of “ get angry of litchi; 6. The person that cause hypoglycemia because of eating litchi, want right amount and compensatory syrup, the symptom is serious person should send a hospital in time to have treatment.

The dietotherapy that introduces a few litchi square: 1. Cure is anaemic, the litchi that use delicacy 50 grams (the person that work 10 grams) , longan flesh 10 grams, big jujube 10, water simmer in water half hours, daily time is taken. 2. Treat lienal empty diarrhoea, with dry litchi flesh 10 grams, lotus seed 10 grams, gorgon fruit 10 grams, yam 10 grams, rice 100 grams, boil the edible that it is congee in all. 3. Remedial tracheitis coughs, the litchi that use delicacy 50 grams (the person that work 10 grams) , black tea 1 gram, drive water of leach bubble acting tea.

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