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Lychee cheap price faced up to 65 acres of cut straw lychee trees 1300
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Recently, the city of Guangzhou Hong Conghua villagers make a resolve to cut 1300 litchi trees. The villagers said, and now selling for 4 cents a pound litchi, can be described as the price is too cheap. If you do not "retreat to field results," is tantamount to abandoned farmland, cutting trees to make farmland restored only original appearance and function. Villagers also put this under the open-air feast in rice fields, indicates that the discharge of the land "new" ring a thousand firecrackers. Rice hosted a dinner just for cutting trees The villagers are determined to tear down trees in the paddy field under the four tables placed, put the oranges, peanuts and other objects on the heap of the table, leaving the village women young and old taste. Li Zhilin side banner that read, "the 'lazy tree' cut, 'pull' and so on, rely on, to the idea of active engaged in farming, industry engaged in farming, Thanksgiving engaged in farming." Several middle-aged villagers opened a box full of fireworks, firecrackers will be taken out of a hanging hanging ring series with the point. The villagers said, the city health first felling trees up to 65 acres of lychee, lychee trees to be cut down 1,300 trees. Past the normal resumption of such land, next spring, will be planted on the pollution-free vegetables. Sold in a dollar Guiwei Lychee trees cut down and the "price of cheap fruit and more" relevant. The villagers said, the city health alone Species in "agricultural protection land" in the lychee trees, estimated to reach 500 acres. The memory of the villagers, litchi trees in the last century the hearts of the villagers 90s the "golden tree", while the most expensive sold for 100 yuan litchi pound, a basket of litchi sold 1,000 yuan. Since the whole land of Li Zhilin of Guangzhou, some varieties listed in other places constantly, resulting in lower litchi prices year after year. To year, for example, catty, "Cassia sticks" in the village price of only 4 to 5 cents, better fruit, "Guiwei" selling for a dollar per catty. We did not mind to take care of fruit trees, resulting in many trees long-term "loss of control" does not fruiting. Lychee trees became the hearts of the villagers "lazy tree." Wrote to the Secretary be affirmed City Health Grades farmer cooperatives new president, said this year early in November, they spontaneously began to plan for a planned "retreat fruit to field." To this end, they wrote and told this idea of Guangzhou municipal party committee secretary Zhang Guangning. I did not expect this letter is issued, the villagers in the November 26 letter received by the secretary Zhang Guangning. "You (the letter) also mentioned that in order to better develop the economy, you should take the lead 'return results to field', the more efficient use of land together. This pragmatic and actively explore new ways of economic development, agricultural practices, very positive encouragement. "After the villagers" fruit back to field "idea has also been supported by the principal leaders of Conghua. Cash compensation is not afraid to refuse felling But "back results to field" has been a "difficult" problems, the villagers there and so on, rely on, to the idea, so they had to mobilize villagers to cut trees was being resisted. After repeatedly in a small number of villagers had agreed to do the work of tree felling. Cause of this situation there are two main reasons: First, clear the number of trees to spend no small cost. But the villagers can not worry about cutting down trees in a timely manner after the cash compensation; Second, in the end, after the villagers do not know what kind of things abandoned to make money. To this end, the cooperative agreed to help farmers improve cultivation, also rushed to raise 3 million in cash advances advance compensation to the villagers. Litchi tree felling and other business, the cooperative society of the first pictures of trees per acre making the tree form, and according to reclaim these materials superior to the compensation. Take the initiative to create value in advance to field This reporter has learned, "fruit back to field" need to promote the three positive factors: first, the villagers recognized the initiative to create value in advance in order to field; The second is to guide the villagers in how to field a reasonable after planting; third is to give compensation To place in time. City Health villagers said that if an acre "retreat to field results," the "agricultural protection to" grow vegetables to sell, good luck (the food prices go) sold for ten thousand dollars a year, when bad luck to sell about 6,000 yuan . If allowed to litchi "abandoned", or the ultimate expense of the farmers themselves.
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