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Town Longhai Fujian nine Government: lychee trees to develop programs to prote
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"Over the years litchi prices lower economic efficiency, the villagers of lychee trees awareness of protecting the king." Yesterday afternoon, the "Nine Lake 600-year-old lychee trees destroyed the king", the town government representatives interviewed nine Zhangzhou Longhai Shun-Town Vision Committee and tells crux of the problem. He said the town government will soon work out a protective measure. The Office of Longhai City Bureau of Forestry official said Green, so the king lychee trees have been included in the "List of old trees in Fujian Province", is subject to the protection of national laws and regulations. Tree waste cleaned up Shun-and said, yesterday morning, the town government has sent to the nine Village, under the king of lychee trees to clean up the garbage, and ordered some villagers on the debris pile against the branches removed, and inform the villagers must be protected around the King of good lychee trees. Chen Shun, and said Town, the original planting lychee nine ten thousand acres, so-called "mu Lai Hai", and a good price before the lychee, is the main income in many homes of villagers, and in recent years, litchi market all the way down, sometimes even the cost of money back, many villagers even lychee tree cut down, replant trees and flowers, and now Wang also belongs to nine litchi tree Village in the collective property, but has been contracted to individuals. Have such a rare king lychee trees, but also "kept in purdah," Chen Shun, and said that publicity is not enough that the former, the matter related to the leadership he had made a report to superiors, will soon work out a protective measure. For some readers suggested the possibility of using "Lychee Tree King" to do industry articles, and increase advertising and promotional campaigns, re-brand lychee hit nine lakes, and then promote the development of nine Lake lychee industry, Chen Shun, and that "this proposal very, very feasibility. " Registered Lychee Tree King Longhai City Forest Green Office official, nine Lake tree lychee trees 600 years of the king, back in 1979 when the census was over, is the result of the official register and record of the "old and valuable trees in Fujian Province" Whether or not this tree or individual ownership units, are protected by national laws and regulations. He said the nine Town area, many hundreds of years of lychee trees, but the king of 600-year-old lychee trees only this one, in the province, the country is rare. Recently a new round of old trees is being carried out census activities, they will be re-nailed to tree litchi tree king "old trees" protection card. When the king heard about this tree was the destruction of lychee trees, the official said nine Town owned trees, so the local town and village should be "selves", and protect old trees, the forestry sector sent the last view, and actively coordinating with the local towns and villages, to seek the protection measures implemented.
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